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What Life Looks Like Before and After You Turn 30

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#9. More of security:

Being thirty definitely means being a bit more secure. Though it may look bad, it really isn’t that bad…

#8. True friends:

Actually, the lesser friends you have, the better it is. They say you actually don’t require loads of friends, what you really need are a few true friends.

#7. Problems with the body:

Don’t you think our body kinda stops listening to us after 30?

#6. A perfect tour:

The definition of ‘A Perfect Trip’ completely changes post thirty.


Priorities do change as you grow old. It’s a very natural process, you can’t really help but just go with it.

#4. Cheesy turns practical:

As priorities change, obviously you way of romance changes. While you were cheesy earlier, you are practical now.

#3. Late:

When we’re thirty, we become a bit successful and prioritize our work over our relationships and thus late really means late!

#2. The reaction:

Reactions do change. Isn’t it exactly how we’ll react?

#1. Optimism:

Actually, optimism and positivity can help you sail through anything in life, even growing old, isn’t it?


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