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5 Stages Of Love: Only The Best Couples Cross The 3rd Stage

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There are mainly 5 different stages of a love relationship, but most people are actually stuck at stage 3 only. Let us find out the basic reason. Inexperienced in love, writing this story was just an out-of-my-comfort-zone type of job for me. Handling love is just a Herculean task and hats-off to those people who actually manage to reach the fifth stage of love! *Bravery personified*

This article will be actually worth reading for you, as every once in a while we just keep surfing the internet for some thoughts, entertainment, or just normal time-pass. This piece has all of it just for you, except the time pass.

Come on, let us go through the five stages of love. Hold on a bit, do not give up here at least before reaching the fifth stage.

Stage 1- Falling in Love.

Benjamin Franklin has correctly said, “Admiration is the daughter of ignorance.” This is the initial, or the very first stage of so-called “love.” It is when you kind of not even acknowledge the particular person. This is when you are carried away only by attraction. You happen to identify all the qualities in him or her and tick them on your personal list.

Believing that “love is actually forever”

Be really cautious guys, let me warn you, all that glitters is actually not gold. This is the stage when we basically think that this is the best thing happening to us. Wait, you really to look before you leap! Do not fall head over heels in love with the girl.
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Stage 2 – The Couple

Love starts to deepen, you begin to feel more secure and cuddly and find all reasons why this will survive and finally last longer. You may not have wild sex, but it is

largely and basically satisfying.

You start feeling safe, cared for…
Cherished and appreciated. There is a thought that this is undoubtedly the ultimate level of love, but, are unaware the turnaround stage 3 is to bring to the relation. Watch out guys, think again!
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Stage 3 – Beginning of the End!

This is that stage when everything seems to go actually wrong. Just like when a switch is flipped all on a sudden, your relation begins to take a sudden turn. Little things begin to bother you a lot. You actually start to feel surrounded by several problems.


You doubt your own decision of getting into the relation and then committing. It is rightly said, “When you walk through hell, don’t stop”, I think it was actually made for this third stage only. Only when you move ahead in a direction to solve all your differences, will you be able to move on to the later stages of love gradually.
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Stage 4 – Creating “real” love

This is the stage when you recover from all of your damn problems; you just get to the core of things that cause these issues. Here your partner loves you for who you are and tries to accept you as you actually are.


They happen to start understanding that your hurtful behavior is not because you are mean or unloving, but because you may have been wounded in the past at some point in time. One of the best stages of love life so far!
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Stage 5 – The Power of Two

You just want to utilize the power of two to change the world together. Together you just aim to make this world a better place for all others. Lucky are those people who reach this stage.


The ultimate goal is finally achieved; you guys are very comfortable with each other. You do not wish to change anything about either of you. You just seem to gain completeness.

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