1. She seems always annoyed

If you find her always annoyed at you, that is a definite sign that she doesn’t respect you.

2. Never thanks you for your help

A woman who respects her boyfriend should be grateful sometimes for the help he offers, but if she doesn’t thank him ever, that means she doesn’t respect him.
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3. Tries to compare you with others

If she is always comparing you with others, that means she doesn’t respect you, unless of course, she is stating how you are better than others.

4. Doesn’t want to tell others about you.

If she doesn’t let you come along with her to meet your friends, that means she’s not happy with you.
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5. Makes fun of you all the time

Teasing sometimes is fun, but if she is always pulling your leg, that means she thinks that she can irritate any way she wants, and doesn’t respect you at all.

6. Constantly lies

If someone respects you, he or she will never lie to you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big or a small lie. When someone lies to you, you should know that she doesn’t respect you at all.
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7. Thinks you are boring

She never enjoys your presences and thinks you are an extremely boring person.

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