1. The Self-Absorbed Chick

Girls should be confident, but too much confidence can ruin a relationship. Some women are so self-absorbed that they keep on taking and posting pictures on Instagram every few minutes, more than you ever check your phone in a day. Considering she is always trying to get other’s affection and has so many followers, it’s difficult to trust them.

2. The Violent Girl

Having a violent girl as a girlfriend is extremely stressful. She might appear sweet at times, but once she gets angry, there is nothing that can stop her. She will get angry at literally anything, and they are also extremely jealous. In fact, they might just start screaming and fighting if they find another attractive girl staring at you.

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3. The Nosey One

She has gone through literally everything that is a part of your life – starting from every corner of your house to your wardrobe and ever your phone’s password. Staying in a relationship with this kind of a nosey girl is difficult because they make you feel as if they never trust you. And that is actually true, no matter how honest you are, they will never trust you and will start a fight the second they assume something is not right.

4. The Tantrum Thrower

Even though she is an adult, she expects to be treated like a child and she wants to have everything she wishes for. Otherwise, she will start acting like an angry 5-year-old. Going out with her in public can be really humiliating. She will even give you the silent treatment if you don’t listen to her demands.

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5. The Obsessed Girl

The obsessed girl is completely obsessed with her boyfriend, she wants to talk with her boyfriend and spend time with him 24/7. She basically has no life outside the relationship. While this feels great initially, especially when you get the extra attention, but you realize gradually that you can no longer spend much time with your friends and family. She might even track your phone to ensure you are telling her the truth about your whereabouts.

6. The Gold Digger

She only is in a relationship for the money. It is extremely difficult to recognize gold diggers cause they are such great actors. She will lie to you and manipulate you to get her demands fulfilled. You need to extra careful about spending money when she is around because she probably won’t be getting a job soon.

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7. Miss Attitude

These girls will stare at you constantly looking angry, and instead of talking to you will give the silent treatment. What’s even worse is if there are others present with her, their mood gets affected too, and the entire environment becomes quite awkward for everyone. Initially, you used to enjoy her talking all the time, but now you just want her to leave you alone for a while, instead of blabbering 24/7.
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