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The Amazing History Of Tom and Jerry Cartoon That Will Leave You Baffled

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Tom and Jerry is considered to be one of the most successful cartoon series of all times. Almost everyone has seen Tom and Jerry and it has definitely formed an important part of our lives. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are the creators of this popular cartoon series. How much do you actually know about Tom and Jerry? If you think you know everything, then you probably need to reconsider that. There is an interesting story about how Tom and Jerry came into origin. Read on to know more.

So this is how the popular comic series, Tom and Jerry, began.

Hanna noticed a cat chasing a mouse in the kitchen one day. There was nothing unique about it, I am sure everyone has noticed such an incident at least once. However, Hanna had an idea, he decided to create a cartoon series based on this.
He wrote the script in 1932 when he used to work for a magazine.

Here’s an interesting fact – this concept of a comic series based on cat and mouse was not really new. Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, Ignatz the Cat etc. all were realized before Tom and Jerry and were already extremely popular. So he had to face a lot of criticism even at beginning of the series. [adinserter block=”16″]

However, Hanna and Barbera were not deterred, they proceeded to create the first theme in 1937. However, it was named “Pussy gets the Boot”, and not Tom and Jerry. The cat and mouse were named Jasper and Jinx respectively in that show.
It became a huge success, and they were nominated for Oscar. MGM decided to adopt this show and thus was born Tom and Jerry.

Here’s another interesting fact about our favourite show –

Creating cartoons during those days was extremely difficult and require intensive work. One episode of Tom and Jerry which spanned for 5 minutes only at 24 frames per second, needed around 7,200 pictures, and they had to be drawn by hand. Yes, you read that right, they had to draw 7200 pictures by hand for a simple 5-minute show! Fascinating, isn’t it?
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