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Man pranks hotel by making ridiculous requests – hotel completes every single one

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We occasionally get the option of booking ‘service requests’ when we book hotel rooms online. These service requests include how we want our beds made, some items we want, etc. Which are all genuine in our nature. But this man used this opportunity to make a lot of vague, unreasonable requests. Though these were absurd, hotel staff used all means to fulfill them. Here are some of those unreasonable requests made by the man and the replies to them by the hotel staff.


He walked into the room, only to find three red M&Ms placed precisely on the table.

He turned and surprisingly found a nicely framed picture of bacon on the bed as per his request. The staff went out of their way to complete the man’s vague dreams. This is real hospitality.


The customer enjoyed a great laugh. But this doesn’t imply that his requests stopped. Hilarious ones are to follow. As evident in the picture, he asked the staff to build a pillow fort for him. The team followed the order. They must have had fun, as they left a friendly note.

The man then wanted to know how far this game could go, and thus pushed the limits of the hotels. His request then became very specific- requesting for the image of a dog having the attire of a boat captain. The staff lived up to his expectations yet again.

It is strange how the staff completed all the ridiculous requests made by this customer without getting irritated and with a smiling face. This shows that they excelled in their hotel management course.

As evident from the picture below, the staff was even able to fold a towel to make an elephant. Wow.

You may think that the man bothered the staff a lot, but it is a part of their job to fulfill their guests’ requirements. And on top of it, they enjoyed doing this. But the job of the staff is commendable and applaudable. Continue the good work. Do share this article and make others laugh too.


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