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Terrifying Pictures Of Environmental Pollution

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God created such a beautiful place for us to live comfortably. Millions of years ago the natural waste decomposed and formed coal and petrol. We harnessed that energy to live a luxurious life, this luxury has given so much non-decomposable waste that is littering here and there. It has increased to such an extent that it is affecting the living beings nearby. We live in such a wasteful society that this wastefulness directly affects our environment and everyone in it. Here are some of the haunting photos of pollution on wildlife and people, in the hopes that it may open the eyes of people and create awareness among them of this serious issue such that immediate steps can be taken to clean our only planet earth.

1. Pollution is a real issue

Over the last decade humans have produced ten times as much plastic as we have in the last century, and each year we throw away enough of the material to circle the earth four times. Americans alone throw away approximately 35 billion water bottles a year. All of them still exist because it takes 500-1000 years to decompose. We must change our lifestyle to combat these consequences.

2. Man’s Best Friend

The man’s best friend: dog stands amidst the toxic fumes being emitted from coal mines of India. Coal produces carbon mono-oxide which harmful to the environment.

3. Corseted Tortoise

Though it looks that tortoise has wings, but it’s a hazardous condition. Seriously, cut up your plastic rings before tossing them in the can.
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4. A sea of Trash

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is like a giant floating patch of trash off the coast of California. This giant garbage patchwork is twice the size of Texas.

5. No Swimming

A boy swims through trash-filled waters in the Philippines which is one of the most polluted nations.

6. Red Alert China’s pollution

This woman is using the mask with filters as Beijing’s air pollution levels reached levels more than 20 times higher than what’s considered safe. Even others should also start wearing the same mask to prevent themselves from harmful effect.
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7. Not a game

As the 2016 Olympic Games descend on Rio, the Brazilian government can’t deny that it has a serious problem with pollution. Many athletes worried about harmful health implications caused by contaminated waters.

8. Waist trainer

Waist trainer is for human women; the hourglass shape is not ideal for a tortoise. Cut up your plastic six-pack rings, people, this is not acceptable.

When we see this kind of picture, we will know the importance of eco-friendly alternatives for things we use in our daily life. For instance, you can use eco-friendly beds and daily use products as they do in Ecoy.

9. Cause of death

This is albatross which ingested so much garbage, instead of fish which he eats, leads to his death. Plastic approximately covers 90% of the trash in the world’s ocean, the ocean that contains approximately 5 trillion pieces of garbage in total.
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10. Water is hidden beneath

This is a river of trash in the Philippines which have water hidden under the garbage.

11. Grounded

This brown pelican should be soaring over the Gulf of Mexico and the marshlands of Southern Louisiana, but instead, is in a panic on the shore as the oil from the BP-Deepwater Horizon spill envelops him.

12. Mile high trash

Climbing mountains are a deed and what about the garbage left on there? Even Mount Everest have to go through clean up by the cleanup crew to scour its peak.
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13. Sticky situation

It’s effortless for us to add and remove things but it’s not the same for poor animals, and they get stuck in a sticky situation. About one million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed annually because of garbage in the ocean.

14. Stork poncho

It is not a photo shoot of bird in which its feather fashioned instead it’s our evil deeds result. Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used every year across the world, that’s about 1 million every hour.

15. Say NO to bags

While cleaning the waste, the child shows the poster not to use bags. At least listen to her, and get a reusable bag that is environment-friendly and looks fashionable too.
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16. Trash, trash everywhere

The cleanup crews try hard to keep up with all the waste humans that are dump into waterways.

17. Who wants to go for a swim?

Near the canals or river, there is greenery but here the view has changed from green grasses to colorful waste. It looks delightful!

18. Fish graveyard

This is the view Rio’s waterway where thousands of fish died and started floating on the surface. In this condition, Olympics was held in this place.
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19. Wading through waste

People have to walk through this garbage bulging water; even you try to walk through and feel what has happened.

20. Check out these swells

Surfer is surfing in this full garbage water. If you don’t care for wildlife then at least have some compassion for the surfers.

21. Don’t drink the water

The child was struggling to get fresh water but here in U.S. we tend to forget how precious water and waste water at most.
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22. Blackwater

Water is contaminated in southeast China’s biggest water sources because of mining, killing off fish and other wildlife.

23. Red River

The spill from two illegal dye workshops has turned this Chinese river into an incredibly deadly one. Therefore it is essential to dispose of our waste appropriately and safely.

24. Horror movie

Those aren’t Hollywood special effects to give you nightmares, but it is a real scene created by us, which is giving fruitful colors.
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25. What a view

To get the beautiful background, the photographer has an interesting solution to the extreme air pollution plaguing Hong Kong.

26. London?

London’s famous “fog” is worse than ever.

27. Where is Eiffel Tower?

In such dense smog, even Eiffel Tower can be hardly seen.
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28. Terrible Pollution

Air pollution has reached such a level where the sunlight is fading now. This effect looks beautiful but is very dangerous.

29. Green Stadium in sea

It sounds like a big green stadium but actually, it’s not, it is the largest growth of algae ever seen in China’s Yellow Sea in the year 2013 due to rising in ocean temperature.

30. Deep Red sea

This is Australia’s red algae which are high in ammonia and can cause skin irritation.
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31. Blackout means stop

A heavy smog enveloped China back in 2014 causing blackouts and traffic jams of epic proportion.

32. Oil oil everywhere

Those who say drilling for oil in the ocean is perfectly safe then they must be saying by keeping in mind the safety of humans and not the animals. Seabirds are especially susceptible to the effects of the oil spill as the oil forms a layer on the surface of the water where the birds spent most of their time. Once it gets into their feather, they cannot fly then.

33. Dead fish dinner

Water pollution has increased to such an extent that thousands of fish died. It not only affects the fish, we too have to eat them. In return, we are getting back what was thrown.
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34. That’s not gravel

It is not a beautiful sight of gravel road, in fact, a pool of solid mass of dead fish.

35. A Sticky Mess

It looks like a beautiful painting, but in real it is a man-made disaster.

36. Poor animal

He is another victim of the oil spill in the ocean. While going on a long drive takes him to a veteran.
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37. It’s again

The densely populated areas are very much affecting the environment, but the animals which are far away from civilization are also suffering the same oil pollution.

38. No home

Poor koala stands amidst the splinters of his former home after extensive deforestation in Australia. Our high demand is affecting wild animals. Earth is not only home for us both also for other living beings. We have no right to take away their homes.

39. The price we pay for oil

The world runs on petroleum. It is used in the makeup of plastics and pharmaceuticals and as fuel in vehicles. We are still not realizing that the increase in demand of it is affecting the environment in the worst way.
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40. Fish in sludge

Wildlife should not have to suffer because of our carelessness. Water is home for fish but this fish adopted sludge and died.
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