Woman posts pics of boyfriend holding her.. irrespective of the fact that her face is full of sores due to LUPUS!!

#1. Living life with lupus

Jokiva, a twenty-two year old model and an inhabitant of New Orleans, got the biggest shock of her life when she was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. Having no other option, she learned to live with the various symptoms of her disorder.

#2. Medication

To prevent the lupus antibodies from ravaging her vital and other organs, she has to take a lot of heavy medicines every single day.

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#3 Her loving and caring boyfriend

Though she has to deal with this terrible disease, she feels fortunate to have a loving and caring boyfriend, who always supports her in every situation. Recently, she shared this wonderful post on Instagram, thanking him for always standing up for and with her, irrespective of her disease.
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