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A Child Asked Strangers To Light His Cigarette. The Results Are Shocking !

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We conducted a social experiment where we asked a ten year old boy to roam around the street, asking people to help him light his cigarette. You will be astonished by the results!

Internet and social media has exposed children to many things which are unsuitable for them and not appropriate for their age. When they see these things on the social media, they get compelled to try those themselves. Smoking is one of those umpteen number of things. Due to peer pressure and exposure on the social media, children these days are smoking at very early ages. Now even ten year olds can be spotted smoking. To find out whether adults prevent children from smoking or promote it, we conducted a social experiment in which we asked a ten year old boy to roam around the street, asking the adults to help him light his cigarette. All this was recorded in cameras.

This guy stanched the cigarette from the boy’s mouth, abused him, and took the cigarette for himself instead.[adinserter block=”16″]

On the other hand, this lady himself came to the boy when she saw that he was struggling to light the cigarette even when the boy did not ask her for help, and went out of her way to help him in the reckless act. She offered her lighter and lit the cigarette.

Can you guess what the last person did? Watch the video next page to find out.

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Watch the video to find out. You will be surprised by the response.



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