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Teachers and Students Share the Strangest Stories From School

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When you think about schools, you start thinking about places where students are taught how to become responsible adults so that they can be productive members of the society. Then again, it’s common knowledge that some students enjoy $ex education compared to maths and science. Teenagers are susceptible to this mainly due to the hormones rushing through his body. However, you would be surprised to know that several $exual acts actually go on in school and here is a few x rated strangest school stories which have been shared by the students and teachers.

1. Paid job

This story comes from a janitor in high school. He saw a few boys loitering in front of the auditorium one day. He told them to move, but they still would stay there, and they would enter the auditorium every few minutes. He didn’t understand what was happening at that time but later came to know that a girl has posted on Twitter that she will give anyone a bl0wjo0b if they paid her 20$ in that auditorium.

2. Problems in marriage

This story comes from a student. When he was in his 2nd year in his high school, a teacher from his school was caught for having $ex with one of the students. Next year (in his 3rd year), that same teacher’s wife, who also was a teacher in that school, was caught for having $ex with one of the students. That marriage definitely has huge problems.

3. The strange kid

This story comes from a teacher. He had a student in his class who would jack off through a hole in his hoodie pocket.And everyone knew about this and called him “the kid who jacks off in class”.
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4. Oreo

This story comes from a student in high school. During his first year, two boys were having $ex with a girl in a tree but were caught by the teacher during the break. One guy was on top of her while the other guy was under. Those two were black guys and the girl was white. That incident became known as the “Oreo” incident, hopefully, you can understand why. In fact, this news spread to other rival schools too, and throwing Oreos towards the students of that school during sports events became a common phenomenon after that.

5. Disgusting

This story was shared by a teacher. One of her students ma$tubated into a textbook during class, but she wasn’t aware of that because he was wearing baggy pants. After class, he gave her that book and told her that he did it for her. Now that’s just disgusting.

6. Creepy teacher

This story was shared by a student. When she was in high school, she would go to the same gym as one of her teachers. One day, her teacher asked her age. When she said 16, he said that it is not legal to wear yoga pants to the gym if you are below 18.

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7. A complete jerk

This story has been shared by a student. When he was in high school, one student ma$tubated into a cinnamon roll that was created in the cooking class, and then gave it to another student to eat. And unfortunately, that kid ate it and only realized what was inside it afterward. Poor kid!

8. No poo

This story was shared by an English teacher when he used to teach in Japan in Junior High. One day, before the afternoon class, he was going for a shit after lunch. Now there were two cubicles in the toilets for male faculty. One was closed, so he took the other one. He was almost about to drop it with his pants down, when suddenly, two students who were in the other cubicle decided to start having $ex inside.
He couldn’t handle it anymore. He wiped, flushed and then took 2 classes rather uncomfortable since he still had to go to the toilet. Couple with this the fact that two students were having $ex just next to his cubicle really freaked him out.

9. Just have to be there

This story took place when a teacher was tutoring an 8th-grade student. According to her, her dress might have shown a tiny amount of cleavage, and just after 10 minutes, she noticed the boy staring at her chest, with his hands in his pocket.
She was shocked, she didn’t know whether she should tell him but then it would be embarrassing for both of them. But she wanted him to stop because she definitely couldn’t allow her to become a $ex toy for a student.
What’s even worse is the fact that the boy was ambidextrous, so even though she was asking him to take notes he could do that with his other hand. Finally, she tries to hide her chest by putting the book in front, but even then he didn’t stop.
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10. Poison Ivy

This story has been shared by a student. There was a girl in his school who had $ex with an unpopular kid due to a dare. The school was located on a mountaintop, and she had to go to the woods on the other side to have $ex. When she came to his sister’s pool party the next day in a bikini, her entire back was covered in poison ivy. Her excuse was she was sunbathing in a poison ivy patch, but of course everyone knew what actually happened.

11. That’s disgusting

This story is shared by a person whose mother used to be a secretary at a junior high school where she was in charge of suspension and expulsion notices. There were a 12-year-old boy and a 7th-grade girl. The boy had a huge crush on that girl, but unfortunately, the girl was quite hot, but the boy was a loser. So the girl would reject him every time but he didn’t give up.
One day during class, that boy was making $exual faces at that girl, to which she replied that he was disgusting. The boy got furious, whipped out his penis walked towards her, and then started ma$tubating in front of her and the whole class while the teacher was present. He has expelled afterward.

12. Special head

This story was shared by a student. He was bored during chemistry class and looking outside when he saw a special ed girl blowing a special ed kid. He was shocked, and soon others started checking as well. The teacher asked them what could be more important than chemistry at that point, and he replied “Special head”.
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13. Rules

A girl was caught having $ex d00ggy style and was suspended. Her mother came to the school next day saying that there was no rule in the school books against $ex so they couldn’t punish her. So, the school officials were forced to drop the suspension, and the new rule was added next year.

14. Student and teacher

This story was shared by a student. He had a huge crush on a girl for 4 years in high school, and her locker was located next to his. She was quite fit and popular, while he was a nerd.
He came to know that the girl had a huge crush on their history teacher, who was quite fit himself. That teacher preferred young girls since he was married to a former student of that school who was 10 years younger than him. The teacher couldn’t have $ex with that girl lest he would lose his job, and moreover, she was not yet 18.
The girl didn’t appear in any graduation parties, and it was later discovered that the two of them had $ex that night, since she was 18 and no longer a student.
After a few years, he came to know that they still have $ex and rather surprisingly, the teacher’s wife had no problem in that. They often have threesomes, and he often paid for her breast enlargement. They often go on vacations too since they post those pictures on Facebook.

15. No shame

This story was shared by a choir teacher in high school. He saw two guys having $ex in a rehearsal space which was soundproofed. He was disgusted, started screaming, and they saw him. He escorted them to the principal’s office, and they were suspended afterward.

Don’t forget to share any stories that you have about high school in the comments below!
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