Tuesday, May 30, 2023

A Mom Made A Hilarious Mistake When Packing Her Daughter Lunch

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My mother’s eyesight was poor, and for some unknown reason, she didn’t wear glasses when she used to pack my lunch when I was a kid. As you can imagine, sometimes, I used to find rather weird stuff in my lunchbox such as red onion, probably mistaken with an apple. And apparently I didn’t eat them, so once I grew up, I began packing my lunch.
This picture is of Mckenzie Strange, a 17-year-old female, who is busy clicking selfies all day long, so her mother still packs her lunch.

Here’s the picture zoomed in.
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You see it correctly, that picture is of a Four Loko can. In case you haven’t heard it, it is a bizarre combination of alcohol and caffeine which can mess up your taste buds for days. You can compare it with hell. Once you drink this, you will feel as if there are pop rocks inside your stomach, and you will vomit instantly. That weird feeling isn’t going to go away for at least a week.


She posted this on Tweeter which has become quite popular, and her mother’s response to that tweet is even funnier –

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Mckenzie did admit that she was too old but her mom is kind to pack her lunch still, and she is thankful to her for that. Well if she keeps on packing this in her lunch, I am doubtful how long she will thank her.

Well, if the coffee doesn’t work, maybe an energy drink will do the trick!

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