Feeling attracted to someone is a common thing. Gradually that attraction increases and there comes a stage when we start getting serious about someone. The most important question at this stage is whether you are feeling love or lust.

You should be asking yourself whether this relationship that you are pursuing at the moment is sustainable in the long run or is it something that won’t last long and will quickly be over after the first fight. Now, this is a tough question, since you cannot know the answer beforehand. Only with time, you will be able to understand the real character which will help in answering this question of love or lust.

One thing that should be said is that lust isn’t a wrong thing. Desire definitely serves its purpose, but sometimes lust replaces love. You might be looking for love in a relationship, but ultimately it turns out that love isn’t going to happen in that relationship.

So you should remember that if you are looking for love, that should be your aim, and you shouldn’t be satisfied with lust. It might be hard to find true love, but at the end, it will be worth it.


1. Meet Karina Farek, a 23-year-old animator from Texas who has started an excellent comic series called Love vs. Lust.

She explains the subtle differences between the two which should help you realize in which direction your current relationship is headed.




2. Love means your partner will adore you even when you are yourself.



3. Love means helping your partner whenever needed even if he or she doesn’t ask for it. This means knowing your partner well.

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4. Love means you can laugh like a crazy person in front your partner without feeling embarrassed. This means you are laughing the way you would when you are along and not hiding your true self as one does on a first date.



5. Love means you want to share every small detail of your life with your partner. This also includes

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6. Love means giving your best on every occasion. This means helping one another in times of need.

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7. Love isn’t just lust; it goes deeper than attraction, it means that the partners have a deep connection. And yes, it isn’t just “Netflix and Chill.”

And if you are still not sure what love means, this should make things clear – love consists of many emotions which are capable of completely changing your life. Love can come in different forms, such as the following –

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This is one of the best looks of love.



Or maybe love looks like this

Ultimately, love is all about happiness and caring for one another.

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