Cuddling is one of the best means of physical affection; it garners closeness and increases happiness. Cuddling makes one feel good when in a new or established relationship. There is also a scientific reason for that and are many unexpected benefits.
Surprisingly some men lie about cuddling with their wives as they don’t like it because of some reasons. Let’s watch out what the survey say.


1. Pretended that they were enjoying

In a recent survey of sleeping habits of over 2,000 Americans has found that these men just pretended to enjoy cuddling, but they were not enjoying. They pretended because they’re afraid of hurting their wives feelings or getting into a fight with them. Even more intense, 1 in 5 men actively hate cuddling.
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2. Struggle to sleep

It’s been discovered that Americans suffer from fatigue, so much that it impacts relationships. They struggle to sleep next to each other and hate cuddling to have a sound sleep. This has even caused 1 in 7 couples to come close to breaking up.


3. Annoying sleeping habits

After all, the night is the only time when one gives a break to the hectic schedule and relaxes. The study done by Yoga bed found that average person suffers around 182 disturbed nights of sleep year, usually caused by their partner’s annoying sleeping habits.
It’s critical to have a sound sleep at night since it’s proven to be the primary source of good health. Some people are strange when it comes to their sleeping habit but don’t worry so much some people love sleeping alone and some snuggling. Don’t let something like that ruin the potential for an excellent relationship. Never lie to one who is very close to your heart, open up everything and get a solution. Then you don’t have to pretend anymore.


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