How many times have you heard your partner say, “Not tonight, honey”? If this is quite frequent, then you need to learn a few things to spice up your love life. Most men are ready at any point of time, but things are a bit different when it comes to women. Cindy M. Mest0n, Ph.D.and David M. Buss, Ph.D., psychology professors at the University of Texas at Austin and coauthors of Why Women Have Sex: Understanding sexua1 Motivations from Adventure to Revenge (and Everything in Between) think that women need more inspiration, and have provided a few tips to get your partner into m0od.

1. Appearance

It has been seen that women are quite turned 0n by a male’s face and body movement. According to Meston and Buss, females prefer men with more masculine features.
Women are more attractive to features like a light stubble, and a V shape along with a high shoulder-to-hip ratio. So basically, if you want to turn her on, you need to join a gym and get in shape as soon as possible.



2. The time when women prefer to make love differ from one female to another, according to Meston.

Women enjoy being intimate when they are not stressed or distracted from other events, and when they are full of energy and feel a special bond with their partners. This time, may or may not be at night.
So you need to find out when your partner seems to be most energized and try your luck during these times. Maybe she gets more energized before a shower!


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3. The sense of smell is vital in attraction, according to Buss and Meston.

Women have reported that if they don’t prefer the smell of a man, they are turned 0ff and most likely it is a deal breaker. This means that the woman’s sense of smell also matters when it comes to attraction.
Meston added, “A woman can learn a lot about a man including his health, hygiene from the olfactory signals. Pheromones are tiny airborne molecules emitted by humans which can make a male more attractive to a female. It has been found that these pheromones emitted from the male body contain information about the man’s symmetry, indicating how to fit he is. This information can help the female judge whether she is compatible with him.“
Buss added, “Scent plays a conscious role in a woman’s interest in a man since it reveals certain genetic information which helps to decide whether they are compatible.”


4. Choice of words

The selection of words is quite important when a man is trying to have $ex, in fact, it might be more important than any physical action. Meston says, “If you offer compliments, which increases your chances of getting intimate with someone much more. However, make sure that those compliments are real. Otherwise, she might get turned off even more.”
It is even better if you can mention some activities that you want to do in future together. This shows that you are committed to the relationship and is a huge turn on for the ladies. Also, you should try and make her laugh with a good sense of humor.

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5. Genetics

Women are more attracted to men whose Major HistoCompatibility(MHC) genes are different from theirs since these genes are responsible for determining a person’s immunity. Hence, their children will have better immunity and will be healthier. Women sense this via smell unconsciously, especially when they are not on hormonal contraceptives.


6. Her physical health

There are several beneficial aspects of having $ex, so you could say that you are helping her by having $ex. Meston says, “The body has several natural painkillers which are released during $ex – these can decrease all sorts of pain. It also improves cardiovascular health, improves anxiety and is a great exercise as well!”
Also, if a female has $ex during menstruation, chances of experiencing endometriosis symptoms are significantly reduced. Also, since it burns a lot of calories, it can be great if you are looking to shed a few pounds in the future.

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7. Improving self-esteem

Meston and Buss conducted a research where they found out that women consider having $ex as a competition. This means that such women have a higher libido. Also, this is seen more often in groups of young women, where they compete as to who can have $ex with a musician of high status.
Hence, feeling $exually desirable is crucial for women who use $ex to improve their self-esteem. Some women have low self-esteem and are not confident about their bodies due to various reasons, primarily because of silly comparisons with models by the media.
If they find a man who has $ex with them and also finds them extremely attractive, that can provide a huge boost to their self-esteem – hence, making a lady feel $exy could do wonders if you are interested in having $ex.

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