1. They never stop

It has been seen that most bigger women are quite wild in bed. They never stop and will always ensure that you are satisfied to the maximum. I am not saying that women who are slim don’t try to please you, but in most cases, bigger women will go to the extreme.


2. They sometimes do nothing and just lie there

This hardly happens with a slim person. Most people take home hot “skinny” women and later brag about it to their friends. But deep down, they know that it’s quite boring. Things are different with bigger women. Most of them have been teased a lot in high school, hence they take more effort to be more $exual, which can often be a challenge and spice up your boring $ex life.
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3. Face

There are many men who don’t care too much about looks, they just want to have $ex. However, there are others who put more emphasis on the appearance, especially a good pretty face. And it has been seen that bigger women usually have more pretty faces, mainly due to the extra weight.


4. They might be mothers

It is possible that these women are bigger because they are mothers. Everyone knows that women go through several changes after getting pregnant, and when you are having $ex with such a woman, you definitely admire her more because of her nurturing side which also leads to better $ex.
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5. Personality matters

Excess weight also has certain psychological effects on women. It has been seen that bigger women tend to be less adamant about their decisions and are willing to listen to their partners instead of completely relying on their own ideas. This means that these relationships tend to be more stable than those with “skinny” women.


6. Curves

Most men nowadays like curves, it has become the new trend. And obviously, bigger women have more curves. Don’t listen to others, there is nothing wrong in preferring curves, and if that turns you on, then you should definitely look for bigger women.
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