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Your Birth Order Says Alot About Your Personality

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All of us have experienced sibling rivalry in one way or the other throughout our life. We have fought without sibling for sweet nothings either being the elder one or as a younger sibling. These silly fights that we fought with our siblings that fill our memories with pleasantness all through the rest of our lives that it is an emotional stage when after growing up we give them what they wanted earlier and this time we no more feel any rivalry but only tears. When we see our children fighting with each other for small little things we get the feeling why the heck they are fighting for nothing. Next time you see your children fighting remember the information we are providing pertaining to birth order that has huge impact on one’s personality

Are you the only child for your parents?

Children who are the only child to their parents tend to feel the pressure to achieve since they are the complete focus of their parents. While the positive side to being the only child is that they get pampered by their parents to a great extent the flip side to this is that they tend to become overly possessive of people and things which on the long run becomes uncontrollable adamancy. Not only do they crave for attention of their parents but also from certain important others.


Birth order matters for children with siblings

While many factors like genetics, parenting style and physical social and emotional environments contribute to a child’s personality, birth order also plays a significant role in defining the personality of a child.
Hundreds of studies have been going on since the early 70’s on birth order and its impact on children on the long run. As in any studies, there has been innumerable contradiction between the psychologists in this aspect too.
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Despite many contradicting opinions among the psychologists there are many similarities that exist in the charecteristics analyzed.
There is strong belief among many still that despite the birth order children’s craving for attention leads to the differences between the siblings at all points of time.


Eldest children feel the maximum pressure

Dr Kevin Leman mentions in his book ‘The Birth Order Book’ that the oldest of the children always have high set goals. As their parents give birth to more children, pressure on them reduces to a great extent. This tendancy makes the children who are first born to their parents to be more responsible making them to lead the other siblings at all points of time
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An imminent point we would like to highlight here is that almost all the US President are either only children or eldest children to their parents.


The middle child is usually the peace maker of the family. They accommodate to both the elder siblings and younger siblings’ personality and try to strike peace between every member of the family at all points of time. These qualities in them make them sociable due to their flexible nature. The middle children are both faithful as well as loyal to each member of the family. Children born n between elder and younger siblings value relationships and are always ready to compromise between things to maintain relationships intact.

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With all said and done, it is the youngest of the children in a family who have unique personalities. While they are maximum creative in their approach and actions, they are highly rebellious too. They are very manipulative in all types of situations and crave for attention in all possible manners from the elders.

Irrespective of the birth order of the children, every parent has a tough and crucial role in bringing up the children in the best way accommodating to every child’s personality.


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