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20 Things You Should Never Google

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This will happens with everyone out there. You are searching for XYZ, but you get the result ABC. There will be any reason of getting wrong and awkward search results, like miss-type, clicked on other search options etc. Before you realize your mistake, you will landon something strange page, something which looks weird, dangerous and awkward. Below I have listed such things that I assumed you will never try to Google.

1. Jiggers

It is one of the smallest and popular devices used by most of the bartenders along with cafes. On the other hand, Jiggers are also a breed of chigoe fleas that are usually find in rural or dust areas. The worst part of it that once if you are infected then infection can take you close to death.
things you should never search on google


2. Daniel Petry

Hey, don’t ever think to Google, ’Daniel Petry’, since this search will completely shock you from the inside. Daniel Petry was 16 from Brazil when this shocking accident took place. According to sight witnesses, he asked Gabriel Kuhn to borrow some money, but Kuhn refused to pay him back. This refusal annoys the Petry most and he decided to take revenge from Kuhn. Petry choked Kuhn to death. Not only this satisfies him, he also cut Kuhn’s body in two. Therefore, please do not Google his name otherwise you’ll surely feel guilt.
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3. Elephantiasis

It is another dreadful human disease. Elephantiasis occurs when all the parts of the human body swell into a huge fraction. There are countless symptoms of this disease. To prevent you from getting shocked, I’m not posting the real image of this disease.
things you should never google

4. Shauna Maynard

Most of you out there had heard about the shocking story of Shauna Maynard. But if you don’t then stay back and continue reading.
4chan is one of the most popular image-based bulletin boards in the world of internet. At 4chan, anyone can post random images or other things being anonymous if they prefer. One of its users published the following image-message.

‘I have killed several women for pleasure. If you can guess a name I will upload a picture. If you can guess a name of any of these women I will upload their photo. no more than ten names per post. Any more than that will be ignored. Some are Polaroids and others were taken with a disposable camera. I also have pictures of them before death when I was able to do so. If you guess all of the names I will show you where I dumped a body in 1999. The first one is free as her name is unlikely to be guessed.’

After seeing this image, every internet user gets shocked and angry. Some of them think that it was just a killer publicity hoax. On the other hand, others had started chasing the real face behind this image. Later, the image was recognized as Shauna Maynard.
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5. Lamprey Disease

Jawless fish lamprey and lamprey disease are similar in names. Therefore, be careful while searching them otherwise you may land at a wrong place.


things not to google


6. Smoker’s lung

If you know someone who is much addictive of cigarettes or smoke then you can send them this image. This will really work with them in order to quit the smoke.
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7. Brown Recluse Spider bite

Such spiders are among one of the dangerous animals found on the planet. Once this spider bites you, you won’t live even for few seconds.


things to never google


8. Skin condition

This is one of the worst searches of all the time. Without typing full words, you get an instant result of dangerous skin ailments images. It is highly recommended to not Google this term especially when you are eating since it might lead you to vomit.


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9. Wet Koala

Since this is not a real thing but that does not refer that the resulting pictures won’t offer you nightmarish. Someone covered wet koala with daggers fangs in order to make it look crueler.


fun things to search on google


10. 2G1C

It is another one of the worst pranks over the internet.It is something that you don’t want to look ever throughout your life.


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11. Trypophobia

A few years ago, trypanophobia went viral among people across the planet. Actually, it is nothing but a simple type of phobia in which a person starts fearing from small things with clusters of small holes. But, when you get inside this, you will find it ridiculous.


fun things to type into google


12. Fournier

Most of you out there had once crush on Evan Fournier, a French basketball player. But if you Google him with only his surname then you will strange results. Actually, Fournier is also a sort of gangrene that affects the propionamide the vulva or scrotum and anus.

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13. Harlequin Ichthyosis

Actually, I recommend you to Google Stephanie Turner. She is one of the most inspired women of all the ages living and infected withHarlequin Ichthyosis. It’s a genetic disorder that covers a kid’s skin in thick, white plates. In 2011, expert dermatologists proclaimed that the number of survivors of Harlequin Ichthyosis has been growing. The complete story of Stephanie Turner unequivocally amazing.
weird google searches


14. Marian Engel’s ‘Bear’

Actually, ‘Bear’ is an award winning novel written by Marian Engel. Moreover, the ‘Novel’ bear also wins the award for the ‘most controversial novel ever written in Canada’. It is an amazing novel based on a librarian who moves in a sexual connection with a bear. The novel gets whopping responses from people of across the globe.
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15. Calculus bridge

If you need the help in solving popular bridge problem of Calculus then go to local tutor or do whatever you want, but don’t try to search over internet because it will show you the results of plaque.
fun things to do on google


16. Drug Smugglers

It’s highly recommended that don’t search this term since it will you take at a place where you will find how drug smugglers ultimately get caught during smuggling the drugs. Moreover, if you search more, you will also find several other truths of drug smuggling industry such as how small and big countries deal with this problem, how a person is treated if caught in drug smuggling etc.
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17. Mucus plug

Most of the ladies who are presently pregnant or pregnant in past will definitely know about this term.
things you should never search on google


18. The World’s ugliest dog, ‘Peanut’

This is the image of The World’s ugliest dog, ‘Peanut’. Peanut was not same like in the past. He is adorable before rescued from the fire.
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19. 1 Lunatic 1 ice pick

Luka Magnotta is one of the popular murderers of all the ages. All this happens, since, he published a video over the internet by the name ‘1 Lunatic1 Ice Pick’. In the video, he constantlycutLin Jun with an ice pick.Lin Jun is an international student moreover friend of Luka Magnotta.
5 things you should never search on google


20. Body farm

There is a location at The University of Tennessee where students of anthropological research facility can be studied about body decomposition and anatomy. The location is named as ‘body farm’.
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