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The 7-Day $ex Challenge May Sound Too Good To Be True But It Could Change Your Life!

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Initially, if you hear about the “7-Day $ex Challenge”, you will probably think that this can only happen in the romantic comedy movies and TV series. However, you would be surprised to know that it can offer your several benefits as well. Well, $ex itself is obviously a huge benefit but there are other advantages too!

1. It has been found that $exual activity, if done frequently, can bring about massive improvements in all aspects of your life, hence you could definitely give this challenge a try.


2. Well, the challenge is really simple – your partner needs to have $ex with you every day for a week consecutively. Now, it doesn’t sound difficult at all, right?

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3. In case you aren’t able to have $ex daily, you need to have $ex a minimum of 4 times in 7 days. If you aren’t feeling motivated yet, here’s a fun fact – according to various studies, people having $ex more than 4 times per week earn much more than others!


4. There are other benefits as well. Everyone knows that $ex is great as a cardio workout, and several muscles and muscle groups are activated during $ex, which you probably don’t use in your daily activities.

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5. Due to these health benefits, you will age much better and will also feel younger. And if you don’t get enough exercise, $ex can fill up that void for you!



6. There are mental benefits as well from daily $ex. Hormones and endomorphins are released into the blood stream during $ex, which has been found to help solve various issues such as anxiety and depression. It also helps in decreasing stress.

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7. Other chemicals such as strone, prolactin, oxytocin, and thyrotropin are released upon climax in males which can help improve brain functions.


8. Also, it has been seen that frequent $ex helps in better communication in couples. It can strengthen emotional bonds and help improve the trust and communication that might have been lacking.

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9. Here’s another important fact about $ex – it can help block pain. According to various studies, $ex not only blocks pain but actually reduces it, e.g. many people have experienced decreased chronic pain in the legs and back. Also, pain from arthritis, and headaches have reduced significantly.


10. Blood pressure, especially the systolic blood pressure, is reduced by frequent $ex. And obviously, everyone knows that blood pressure should always be kept in check, or else it can lead to a horde of deadly diseases.

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11. $ex has so many benefits that combining all of them, it can actually increase your life span.


Hopefully, after knowing all of these benefits of $ex, you will be starting this challenge pretty soon!


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