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Girls Reveal Their Terrible Tinder Stories

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#1 Asked Me To Bark During D0ggy StyIe

Sandy – 37 : We were doing it d0ggy styIe when suddenly he began to howl and asked me to bark like a dog. Needless to say, he got a swat on the nose as I jumped out of bad. Bad dog, bad dog.



#2 Called Me Someone Else’s Name

Maddie – 27: Just as he was about to finish he screamed out the name Abigail, But my name is Maddie. When I told him he lost his hard 0n instantly.


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#3 Could Only CIimax If I Called Him Daddy

Heidi – 26: Everything was great and he was about to finish when he asked me to call him Daddy. I ignored him and he kept asking, his body shaking as if he was holding back until I did as he asked.


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#4 Thought My Nipples Were Screw Caps

Lana – 44: He kept twisting and twisting my nipples as if he expected them to come off.


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#5 Cried

Heather – 39: I felt wetness on my cheek and realized it was his tears just before he broke down sobbing while thrusting in and out of me.


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#6 Thought He Was Digging For Clams

Kerrie – 32: When oraI turned to fingering, it felt great until he went too hard and it felt like he was digging rather than trying to make me c u m
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#7 His Tongue Was Too Soft

Danica – 42: He was performing oraI sex but all I felt was wetness from his saliva, but his tongue was so soft I couldn’t feel anything, and wasn’t being stimulated.


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