Ever wondered what it’s like to make love with someone you paid for it? Have you tried it ever? Here are the some differences between making love with your partner and with someone who you paid for it.

1. Make Or Break The Moment

When making with your lady, you don’t have to worry a lot as you both are aware of each other strengths and weaknesses. On the other side, if you are sleeping with another girl, you could make or break the moment as you aren’t much aware of her body and communication is further less which makes lots of difference.



2. Emotions Fly Somewhere

You are not left with too many emotions or care when you share the bed with another woman. But if it’s your lady, you just can make that harsh and fast as you develop a strong and close bond with her.

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3. High Maintenance

If you want to seek pleasure from outside, then you won’t get anything for free. For the job well done, you need to spend a great amount of money; whereas with your partner, you can only keep her happy by giving untimely surprise, taking her for shopping, dinner, and so on. Either side you choose, go with pockets full.


4. The Early Morning Treatment

With another woman, no matter how well you made out last night, you’re always in a hurry to make her run away early morning. On the contrary, while making out with the wife you are always waking her up with a cup of tea in the bed and offering a forehead kiss.

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5. Mastery At It!

Talking about skills of another woman and on the other hand your lady, there would be no comparison. After all, another girl has been doing this every night and she is well trained while your lady is not the daily visitor.


6. Choose Whatever You Want

You don’t leave with any choice when it comes to making love with your partner. But you can always demand and choose from a number of options while doing it with any other girl.Source[adinserter block=”16″][adinserter name=”last page”]

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