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What Jennifer Aniston Eats In A Day Is Shocking!

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Jennifer Aniston has a brilliant body; many people even consider her body to be perfect. Also, you would be surprised to know that throughout her career, she has maintained her body shape, very few celebrities have been able to do that. This begs the question – how is she able to sustain this? Also, if someone else wants to get her body, what are the steps and more importantly, the diet that she has to follow.


Fortunately, Jennifer Aniston had an interview with Elle magazine recently, and she revealed her daily diet. To be honest, her diet is taking it to the extreme. If you are interested in knowing what her diet is, move over to the next page. We should warn you, though, following this diet will be tough.


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In an interview with Elle, Jen revealed what exactly it is she eats to maintain her body: “When I wake up, I have warm lemon water, and then I have a shake or avocado and eggs, which is one of my favorites.” For a woman who can afford to breakfast, lunch, and dinner where she wants, she sure does keep it simple.


Jennifer revealed her diet in an interview with Elle magazine. “I have warm lemon water after waking up, and my breakfast includes avocado and eggs, which coincidentally are also one of my favorites. I might sprinkle a bit of coconut oil on the top. Also, sometimes, I have a banana with puffed millet cereal or oatmeal with whipped egg.”

She added, “My husband, Justin, showed me how to get a bit more protein. Just before the oatmeal is finished cooking, you can add a whipped egg, which increases the protein content and also makes it even more delicious.”

For lunch, she has a salad with some necessary proteins, and dinner is also the same. And in case you are wondering whether she enjoys the rare delicacies such as burgers, that’s a strict no!

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Her snack is either an apple or almond butter, or some nuts

However, she does enjoy pasta, and it’s currently her favorite food, and her husband should be credited for that. Although, Jen isn’t sure whether she should be thankful to him or if she should hate him for that!

This begs the question when did Jen last consume a burger or any of those fried chickens. Probably, when her career started since 1994 with the airing of the first episode of Friends.
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