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QUIZ: If you answer NO to more than 2 questions, your heart is at risk

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Everyone knows how dangerous heart disease are, however considering this important fact, it is really surprising to see how negligent people are regarding taking care of the heart. Most of the heart diseases that occur nowadays could have been easily avoided if people were a bit more careful about their health. Are you one of them? Take the following quiz to know how well you are taking care of your heart.

1. Do you know your current cholesterol level?

A recent survey revealed that only 10% people know their current cholesterol level. Cholesterol is an extremely important part of the human, as it regulates the proper functioning of the vital organs. Also, high cholesterol level means that there is a high probability of heart disease.


2. Do you know your current blood pressure?

According to a survey, less than 50% people know their current blood pressure. If you have a high blood pressure, chances of getting a heart disease are increased. Hence, it is advised to check your blood pressure regularly. For those who don’t know, the ideal blood pressure is below or equal to 120 over 80 (120/80).
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3. Do you know your current weight and what your ideal weight is?

Very few people have heard of the term Body Mass Index (BMI), and even fewer people know their current BMI. A higher BMI means that the person is obese which puts the heart at a high risk. If the weight is not kept in check, it can even cause type-2 diabetes.

4. Do you regularly indulge in smoking and drinking?

It’s a very common belief that smoking isn’t really that dangerous. However, that is completely wrong, since chances of having a heart disease increase rapidly with smoking. You can increase your heart span by more than 10 years by simply quitting smoking.

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In case, your answer is NO to more than 2 of the above questions, you should know that your heart is at a high risk. So you should start taking precautionary measures as soon as possible.
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