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Navy Dude Regrets Bragging About Hot Girlfriend After Her Past Is Revealed

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#1 Bragging about his hot girlfriend

This Navy dude started bragging about his girlfriend on a popular imageboard, but things didn’t turn out as he expected.

#2 She has been busy with other guys

Some fellow users decided to share the truth with him.

#3 She was on GDP

Some others talked about her face, but suddenly, a British user mentioned that she had filmed some p0-rn with the adult entertainment company “Girls Do P0-rn.”

#4 Have a pleasant day

And then some other users started sharing screenshots of his girlfriend’s video. All while wishing him a “pleasant day.”

#5 Very similar

This is the screenshot that they shared. They look very, very similar, don’t they?

#6 Gets angry

But then the original poster realized that he was being ridiculed and asked mods to delete the thread. He also acknowledged her past and said that they had worked it out.

#7 Another screenshot

Here’s another picture of her at the end of the video. A bit embarrassing, isn’t it?

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