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9 F0replay Moves To Make Your Man Feel Good

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9 Foreplay Moves To Make Your Man Feel Good

Men also love to be pampered and that is even more so when in bed. Well, that does not actually mean all they want is just $ex. Men do rarely divulge their secret desires to their women in their lives. Although everyone has different needs as well as desires there are some moves and attitudes that most men actually want from their women.
Let us find out what can actually drive your man crazy with you when you two are in bed.

1. Bite his ears

The ears have a number of nerve endings that account for the height of sensuality in your man.



2. You can as well play with his palms

This is perhaps one part of his physiology that you thought never accounted for the foreplay.

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3. Caress his face

When you are done playing with his tresses, try to caress his face. The face of a man is as sensual as his hair is.




4. Run your fingers through his tresses

This will actually get him totally off-track and in total control of what you want him to do.

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5. Try to explore his neck

The Adam’s apple that seems to be protruding out is perhaps the most sensual part of the neck of your man.



6. Belly button urges

Well, yes, tickling it actually gives him immense pleasure.

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7. Kiss his feet

Soles of his feet are yet another tried as well as tested region.



8. Try to soothe his back

There is so much that you can do right here. Well, you can start from gently massaging the lower back of your man, which is perhaps the most sensual part, and it is located just above the hip bone.

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9. Go down to his knees

The area behind the knees is perhaps the most sensual but it actually goes without being explored most of the time.


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