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THIS Is Why Eating Green Or Sprouting Potatoes Can Be REALLY Harmful

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We have grown up in a society which has been telling us that wastage of anything must be avoided right from our childhood. Particularly when it comes to food items we have been time and again instructed not to waste them. Wastage is a taboo and this mentality can sometime sabotage our health if we do not consciously ascertain what to waste and what not to waste. For instance when it comes to potato which is a stockable vegetable at home sometimes tend to turn green and getting sprouts out of them. The maximum thing we do with such potatoes is to cut off the green part and sprouts and cook the rest of the sabotaged potatoes. And we eat them as well.

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If we get across to some of the scientific basics of Potato, we will surely get the alarm striking in our heads. The basic idea that Potato is a root vegetable since it grows under the ground is a wrong notion. Science calls it Tuber meaning “modified stem”. When potatoes are exposed to environmental heat and light for a reasonable period of time, sprouts come out of them. Green colour is caused potatoes due to the physiological change that happens inside because of exposure to heat. Such physiological changes happen inside the Tuber where chlorophyll is produced triggering the green colour in potatoes.


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Now all the above are not directly harmful to human health. What actually can poison humans causing serious health issues is the chemical called Solanine that is produced inside potatoes when they are exposed to heat. When potatoes packed with Solanine are consumed it causes undesirable symptoms such as Stomach cramps, nausea, throat-burning sensation, dizziness, headaches, vomiting and diarrhea.

Throw away potatoes with sprouts or that which are green in colour in the dustbin and not in to your stomach.
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