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9 Simple ways to lose 20 pounds without exercising

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Our elders lived such an active life that their waistlines were always under their control. The activities that they manually did are being carried out by us today with the help of pieces of equipment. We use vehicles even to go to the shop around the corner. We park our cars just in front of our doors depriving ourselves of that small walk if we had parked it a few blocks away. We use the lift to get up floors instead of the stairs which can actually burn a lot of your calories.

Losing weight is not such a hard job if you start indulging in walking around the house doing small little chores all by yourself instead of assigning it to others at home or maids for the purpose. Normal activities at home like cleaning the house, maintaining the cupboard clean, gardening and so many other things help your boost your body metabolism while at the same time burning calories.

Today, most of the health problems we suffer from are caused due to the sedentary lazy lifestyle we lead. We have shed so much of our physical activities for so many silly reasons that health problems have invaded us in a huge manner. It is actually very easy to get back to good health burning calories and increasing our body metabolism only if we are willing to fix some of our habits that make us lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Losing weight does not necessarily mean going to a gym for working out strenuous exercises. Let us see some 9 simple ways to lose 20 pounds without exercising.


1. Make yourself active

Instead of sitting on the couch for hours watching TV or standing in the corner of the room meddling with the mobile phones, keep moving on your legs doing small little things that you procrastinate to do. Play some favourite and let yourself lose. Enjoy your dance. Remember each of these little things will burn considerable amount of calories in your body

2. Climb up and down the stairs

Climbing up stairs instead of using lift is healthier since it means you are pulling yourself up against the gravity. Add fun to the same by climbing up a stair and climbing one down. Repeat this and observe the effect it has on you. Do this anywhere it is possible to do and get benefitted in a maximum manner.

3. Tall people look thin

Imagine there is a pen on your shoulder blades. As though trying to hold the hold the pen from falling, lift shoulders and squeeze the imaginary pen. Bring back the shoulders to normal position. This can be done in a standing or sitting posture. Hold the shoulder in the squeezing posture for a count of six. Relax and continue doing it this for 10 times. Make your upper body look broader giving it the cutting edge on height doing it as many times as possible.
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4. Use bags as dumbbells

Whenever you go shopping or on tour carry the bags in both your hands yourself instead of making others carry them. When you do not carry it yourself you are losing a chance to burn out calories from your body. Consider these bags as dumbbells in your hands and exercise without doing this as an exercise.

5. Change your chair

Instead of sitting in a chair to work, sit on a giant huge ball and sit on it. This will mean managing to sit on a ball that may move time and again. His will, in turn, make your muscles work out burning your calories.

6. Travel the distance

When you have to use a restroom or parking space or a vending machine, walk the distance and find out the farthest one. This walk will make calories burn in your body activating your metabolism to the greatest extent. This will also act as a natural exercise.
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7. Perform chair-robics

Use an alarm clock and set the alarm to ring once in an hour. When the alarm rings, get out of the chair and sit down. Do this slowly for four to five times. The will act as a squat in a small manner while stretching the muscles and increasing the flexibility. This also strengthens the lower body while providing relief to the back from pain caused due to extended sitting

8. Waiting games helps

When you wait for a huge download to happen or a background processing that is taking long while at work in the office or at home, do some buttocks squeezes or clenching both your hands behind your head do some shoulder exercises. These may appear very small but the vigour it provides to the body metabolism burning the calories is tremendous.
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9. Some more tiny ways to constantly burn calories

  • Talk over the phone in a standing posture
  • Park your vehicle in reasonably distant spot from your destination
  • Iron your clothes yourself instead of putting it to the laundryman
  • Do mowing and gardening yourself
  • Walk up the stair instead of using elevators
  • Step out for shopping instead of doing the same online
  • Chop the vegetables instead of going for already cut vegetables
  • Do your car wash yourself instead of leaving your vehicle out for a car wash
  • Go for a walk with your Dog instead of allowing him to do it by himself
  • Perform your household chores as far as possible by yourself instead of outsourcing it to a housekeeping agency

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