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He Watched Helplessly As A Wild Wolf Approached His Dog. Then Something Incredible Happened.

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Despite their magnificent beauty and enormous similarities with our favourite domesticated pet and man’s best friend dog, all sensible people know that wolves are not playful and are not to be messed with.

But in 2003, Nick Jans, an Alaskan wildlife photographer and his pet labrador, had a close encounter with a wolf when it entered the backyard-and began a kind of relationship that would defy popular beliefs and metamorphosize an entire community.

Jack and his dog were in the back porch of his house in Juneau when suddenly a wild wolf appeared. Unafraid, the dog immediately ran towards the uninvited guest to welcome him.

Nick was immobilized by the visual of them playing together. Being a wildlife photographer, Nick managed to capture this rare visual in his camera.

The wolf, which stayed in the area for years, was name Romeo by Nick and he spent most of his time documenting him.

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Romeo, who became a Juneau fixture, was known for his playful attitude towards local dogs and was often found at Mendenhall glacier park, playing with them.

Residents, unsure at first, soon realised that Romeo had no intention of harming them.

Romeo, other than playing with dogs, played with humans too. Nick said in an interview that Romeo got them toys stashed by him to throw at him so that he could catch them, just like a dog.

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“It was a perfect mix of our understanding and his and also the dogs. Three species were trying to get along harmoniously. And we also managed to do it.”

“Romeo became like an idol for the community and a figure representing the wild, during his six year stay in Juneau.”

Residents of Juneau held together a special memorial for Romeo after his passing away in 2010. They also got a special plaque crafted in his honour.

Isn’t it fascinating and inspiring to see three very different species live together in peace and harmony? It shows how the world can be a wonderful place for everyone if everyone lives with togetherness and harmony.

This story is a true inspiration for us. So, do share it with your Friends and family members.

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