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WTF! The Simpsons: See Your Favorite Tv Family Grow Up And Get Older

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If you love the Simpsons, watch what it would be like if they aged.

The Simpsons

This is how you’ve come to love, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and baby Maggie.

Growing Up

Here the baby is more of a toddler, and Bart and Lisa are full fledged competitive siblings.


How would Homer handle teen Bart and Teen Lisa?

Senior Year

Bart’s a senior, but would still tease his sister.

College Time

Bart goes to a state college, and Marge is sad that her first baby is leaving the nest.

Lisa’s Turn

Lisa gets into a private college, and Bart is fuming.

Gray Marge

And look at Marge with that same hairdo, only this time she’s a grandmother.

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