When we speak of relationships, the very first thought that comes in our mind is of someone very special. However, loving is not the sole thing that can maintain any relationship, your partner needs further more from you when you are committed with him or her. The net result of such relationships that is not going smooth from either of the sides is merely a Breakup. Well, have you ever thought the real reason behind every breakup? You, yourself are to blame for the breakup rather than pointing out mistakes of your partner? Read this story and get to know the real reasons that actually go wrong in every relationship just before a bad break up…

Call It Hard Work

The boyfriend actually had no idea before, what type of hard work his girlfriend was actually doing. Thanks to such a post of hers!

The Party Girl

The girl had no idea about the fact that her boyfriend is watching her. Ignoring the call would’ve been a better option for her instead caught red handed.
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Be Careful Of Smart Girlfriend

For example for such guys who very easily share the passwords of their social networking profiles with girlfriend. The girl actually ended up knowing who her boyfriend is really screwing around with by the boy’s Facebook account.

Never Sing Any kind of Poem

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Someone Just Like Him?

It appears as if the things were not going fine between these two people. However, the breakup seems a bit too easy!

The most awkward Conversation Ever

Girl, just grow up already! Do not ever compare or even judge your boyfriend to your dad or even your brother. She has made one hell of an awkward as well as stupid conversation by just comparing the cuteness of her boyfriend to her father.

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What Happens To Your Brain During A Breakup?

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