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7 Tricks To Give Women Long And Multiple 0rg as ms Every Guy Should Know

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Women can reach 0 r g a s m multiple numbers of times during a $exual act, whereas the same can never be said for men. Considering the hormones and the body of women, almost all women can actually reach a cIimax more than one time and it is not so difficult for a man to help their women cIimax a multiple number of times.

There are certain bizarre stories heard all over the globe about men finding it extremely tough and tedious to make their women cIimax but there are just a few short and simple tricks to follow with that one.

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are getting intimate with your woman.

$ex is an intimate experience for both the $exes.

To maintain a successful $exual relationship, you must connect with your partner emotionally as well as physically.

To help your woman cIimax is not like any type of rocket science.

It is pretty much simple and you can do it more than just once. You just have to follow these simple rules.
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1. Do not stress over it

The more you want to pressurize yourself, the more it will not happen. Try a bit to relax and it will also help your partner to relax.

2. Help her play with herself slowly

She obviously knows her own body better than anyone else does. Just ask her to guide you through her sensitive parts and also work on what she actually likes rather than what you like.
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3. Stay intimate the whole time

If you want your lady to achieve more than one 0 r g a s m, then it is highly recommended that you don’t break any contact with your partner. Try to continuously kissing as well as cuddling so that the intimacy is still alive between you too.

4. Indulge in a number of f0replay

Try to please your woman in the best way possible. This would get her to be really turned on. Being highly turned on is a very positive step in achieving more number of 0 r g a s ms.
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5. Take at least 30 seconds of rest between sessions

After you have made your lady reach cIimax, take at least a 30 second rest before you can attempt for the next round.

6. Try to find her sensitive spots slowly or just ask her

Actually, you need to get to know your partner’s ‘sensitive area’ while touching and caressing so that you know what she actually likes. If you are still clueless, you have the liberty to just ask her.
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7. Let her relax for some time before doing it again the second time

An 0 r g a s m makes your entire abdominal as well as pubic muscles contract all at once. Let your lady relax for a few seconds before you just attempt another go, else making the muscles contract again will probably cause muscular strains or even spasms that is not wanted at all in this scene.
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