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11 Celebs With Unusual Body Parts

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1. Jennifer Garner: This romantic queen has an overlapping pinky toe which she never tries to hide.

2. Karolina Kurkova: This Victoria’s Secret Angel is mesmerizingly beautiful. Such is her presence that you’ll never notice the missing belly button.

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3. Kate Hudson: She knows “How to lose a Guy in 10 Days” but hasn’t figured out how to lose the extra nubs on her feet yet.

4. Lily Allen: The English singer needs no help on stage but still the extra nipple does its charm because she never fails to flaunt it every now and then.

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5. Megan Fox: The deadly diva has a clubbed thumb. As if anything matters when it comes to her!

6. Mila Kunis: She was born with one brown eye and one green eye. But unfortunately with only one heart which belongs to some Kutcher.

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7. Denzel Washington: He was a perfect coach in “Remember the Titans” but broke his finger playing basketball when he was young. His pinky is still bent at 45 degrees.

8. Ashton Kutcher: He likes “No Strings Attached” to him in movies but has webbed toes in reality.

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9. Harry Styles: The More, the Merrier. But not when you have as many as four nipples.

10. Mark Wahlberg: He has a the perfect body but what’s the use when you can’t showoff because of a third nipple.

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11. Hrithik Roshan: The Indian ‘Greek God’ has an extra thumb. As if he needed something extra to charm all the living and the dead.

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