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Ring That Lets You Feel The Heartbeat Of Your Loved One In Real Time No Matter Where You Are

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In today’s world it is way easier than ever to actually stay connected to your near and dear ones and the persons you truly love from the bottom of your heart. You can even call, mail, text, and video chat with your loved ones whenever you want. However, none of these really compensates for them actually being there. All thanks to these rings because you can now even feel each other’s heartbeats, and the distance that stands between you does not matter at all.

They are called HB rings.  They are created by The Touch. The designs are basically made up of stainless steel and there is also a solid rose gold variety available there. All these rings come with a Unibody sapphire crystal surface that actually means they are virtually unscratchable.  What is more, the rings themselves could not be easier to use. Since they are connected to an app via your Bluetooth, the only thing you have to do is to tap the ring whenever you are connected to data or Wi-Fi and guess what, you will be able to feel the heartbeat of your loved ones in real time.

1. The HB Ring helps you to feel the heartbeat of your loved one no matter where you are

2. The ring actually connects to your phone with Bluetooth and require your phone to be online during that time

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3. The wearers can sync their rings to each other and also the app simultaneously

4. They are made from pure stainless steel along with a protective sapphire crystal surface

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5. All that you need to do is tap the ring and you will be able to feel your loved one’s heartbeat in reality!

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