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The Nurses Can’t Stop Him And It’s Only When He Begins To Bleed That He Stops Wagging His Tail

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A goo number of animal rights activists in Brockton, Massachusetts were actually shocked. They had never ever seen a dog in such a wretched and poor condition, although he was still alive. The poor animal had been roaming about on the streets and that too with open wounds. It took some a lot of time to get close to the dog in order to examine him. It was then that the full extent of the horror that this dog had gone through became known.


They thoroughly and carefully washed the dog and also his wounds. Throughout the examination, they had determined that he was probably approximately one year old. However, he only weighed about 15 lbs. He must have actually gone through a disastrous time with such weight and now he only needed some love and complete care.


At first, he was actually very skeptical. However, quite surprisingly he became trusting quickly and only wanted to kiss his rescuers. This earned him the name, XO (hug and kiss). He very easily and quickly realized that he was then in a safe environment. He was very much excited due to the fact that he developed a condition called “Happy Tail” syndrome. In this a dog wags its tail continuously and uncontrollably and can even actually hurt itself in the process. He was so excited about the thing of being rescued that he always wagged his tail to such an extent that he soon started bleeding from it. Later carers also managed to get this back within control. XO soon got taken to Second Chance Rescue and here he is waiting to be adopted.


Alyssa Ellman works there. She recalls that initially, she wanted to cry when she saw him. It broke her heart to see such a little guy in a devastated state. But XO is making a great progress indeed, his wounds are healing faster, he has put on extra 13 lbs. It is not late when he will be adopted by a loving and caring family. Although he still carries some traces of the past, one can clearly see that XO is a handsome little guy.


However he will not be on his own again anymore. His care mama takes him to the office. There he can sleep in a big bed and gets pampered all day long. You can look how happy he is in his sleep.


XO was really lucky to be first rescued and then brought back to his good health. Let us hope for the best and let’s have faith that now he will finally be able to enjoy many more beautiful dreams.

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