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A Pedophile Sentenced To Death Asks For A Child As His Last Meal

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The subject here is Doug Stephener. He is a convict pedophile, and is said to have claimed for the last wish to eat a little child as his last meal. Can you imagine? He was actually going to be executed in Texas. During that time, all he could think of was really sick and gruesome- a little boy. The Director of Corrections is ordered by law to fulfill the last wishes of every person who is sentenced to die. But let us find out whether his last wish is fulfilled.


Doug Stephener is a convicted pedophile. He has claimed for the last wish to have a child as his last meal. The surprising fact is he was going to be executed in Texas.

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This particular man who will be executed by a lethal injection while filing his own application stated that he only wanted to enjoy a 8 years old child as a food. He also went on to say that he refused the child to be of Asian origin.

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The Department of Corrections is, by the law, supposed to have to accept all the demands of all kinds. And that is why they might buy a corpse in a morgue in order to satisfy the desires of Doug Stephener.

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Doug Stephener was actually sentenced to be executed in the year 2008 for the rape and cannibalism of small children in his neighborhood.
People even said that they wished such people never at all existed or the D.O.C might have denied his request and given him the injection already.
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