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What Annoys AduIt FiIm Star Most About The AduIt FiIm Industry

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Here are some of the most common issues that annoy every aduIt fiIm star more often. Have a look at the complaints that they do while shooting for a p 0 r-n movie.

1. Terrible smell:

One girl actually confesses that the most shocking and disturbing fact about her first p 0 r-n shoot was actually the smell she got. It was filling the entire room, and it was even actually disgusting.

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2. Dieting on account of anal during p 0 r-n :

Yet another girl admitted that she is actually a glutton and is a voracious eater, but the worst part about doing anal scenes is that you cannot eat for almost 24 hours before doing the anal scenes, not unless you want a disgusting mess…

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3. At times they are actually pimped out:

At certain times p 0 r-n agents actually lie to the girls. They tell them that they are shooting a scene. But actually the guy had just paid to the girls in order to have sex with them without their knowledge and the camera is not even rolling at that time. Girls hate this most of the times but often they can hardly find out.

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4. p 0 r-n just gave her herpes:

Almost 66% of all the p 0 r-n stars have herpes. It is very much impossible to actually go through a career in the p 0 r-n industry without getting herpes. This actually pisses off a huge lot of girls.

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5. The donkey punches:

A girl by the name of Alex Devine, says that perhaps the worst scene that she ever had to do was in a movie known as “Donkey Punch.” In one scene, she was actually penetrated anally while Steve French had punched her in the back of the head and that too with a gold ring. It was perhaps the worst scene that she had ever done.

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6. It will always stay with you:

A lot of girls say that the worst part about doing a p 0 r-n movie is that it is impossible to forget what you have done at that time and what you’ have actually been through. It actually stays with you, just as a repressed memory or a PTSD.

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7. p 0 r-n s then Vs p 0 r-n s now:

Back in the 1990’s, a p 0 r-n movie was a lot better. Girls actually got paid a way lot more, and they were actually treated better. But the present day scenario has changed a lot. So many girls want to perform in a p 0 r-n movie that the demand has actually gone down. This means much lower wages are given away. As a matter of fact, if you are not a major, and a famous p 0 r-n star, you will not make much money.

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