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Unhappy Customers Complain About Sign Posted On Door, KFC Says “Too Bad, It Stays Up!”

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As soon as customers arrived at a KFC in Gallipolis in Ohio, what they were greeted with was a sign on the door that actually read as follows: “All uniformed police officers eat free everyday all day.”

The owner had come up with this wonderful and generous idea so as to show that he and his staff proudly stood behind the police. There have been a number of recent incidents which saw several attacks against police officers. So, the owner felt that by giving a free meal it would be a way to show his establishment cares and even supports them through the challenging times they have been going through.

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The image was initially posted on Facebook by Ohio Going Blue. Since then it had made itself rounds all across the internet.

However, some people are not at all happy about the sign. They kept complaining that the free meal should actually be offered to all first responders too. They are calling it as a special treatment.

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One of the police officer has heard this entire criticism, and after this he has commented with the following:

“This is indeed a positive post, but some of you cannot see the bigger picture here. As an officer, I do not go into any establishment expecting/wanting ANYTHING to be free or let alone even a discount, whether I’m in uniform or not, and I can tell you other officers feel the same way. We don’t like “special treatment”. The fact lies in the thing that KFC is acknowledging the law enforcement that is why this was actually posted.

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Even KFC employees too commented on the post in the support of officers by saying that they feed police officers for free EVERYDAY!!! They went on to say that they honor the protectors!!
They really deserve everything they get even if it is free.

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However, in an opposite incident, a Virginia police officer was actually denied service at a restaurant after one of the cooks actually refused to make food for the officer when she was in her uniform.
Police Chief Earl Cook said in response that the person’s first response is anger that is very disturbing.
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