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Wanna Lose Weight? This Is How Much You Should Walk.

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There are many exercises that serve different purposes and targets pertaining to shedding weight. While some exercises target toning the muscles some target strengthening the body. People storm into the gym with great expectation to lose pounds quickly in a miraculous manner and lift, push and pull all sorts of heavy weights targeting the miracle. However there are people among us who despise going to gym or working out heavily with the iron toys. If you want to keep track of how much weight you loose, check this review of the best bathroom analog scale.

For such anti-exercise people, we would suggest walking as the best alternative which is easy as well as most effective. No gymming just walking will help you shed one pound of your weight on the roads within a week. Here are some tips about effective walking

1. Walking properly is the key

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Choose the right place to walk since this plays a crucial but indirect role in shedding weight. Walking in a place that is not conducive for effective walking may deter you from going in for walking. So choose the right place to walk and walk at a speed which will make you cover 4 miles in an hour so that you can lose 400 calories per walk.

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2. Use a Pedometer

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Pedometer tracks the number of steps you walk. This need not be during your specific walking time but throughout the day across most of your activities. Pedometer is thus an activity tracker that helps you to track your active life which is directly related to shedding weight in a healthy manner. When it gets attached to conscious walking for shedding weight, Pedometer plays the role of a motivator making you exceed your number during every walk.

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3. Number of steps you walk Viz-a-viz weight you lose

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Working backwards, walking 10,000 steps makes you lose one pound weight. Losing one pound in a week’s time means you are burning 500 calories every day through walking correctly. One pound equals 3500 calories mathematically and this is the amount of calories you burn every week if you walk regularly. When it comes to distance that needs to be covered to burn 3500 calories per week, you need to walk approximately 2000 steps every day. Pedometer thoroughly helps you keep track of all these measurements and calculations. So always carry one with you when you consciously go for walking to lose that extra flab in your body.

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4. Way to walk

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Just simply walking does not suffice the requirement if you are really serious about losing weight walking. Walk squeezing your Glutes, holding your chin up and tightening the abdomen keeping your focus 100 feet away from where you step. This crunches the pulled in parts speeding up the process of losing weight. When you walk this way you will automatically realize the significant role played by the Pedometer.

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5. Walking frequency

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Anything that makes your body feel as an overload will not work out on the long run. When you start off, walk for walk for only 15 to 20 minutes for three days in a week so your physical body gets attuned to the vigour in this type of walking. Once your body accommodates to this schedule gradually increase your walking time to 30 to 60 minutes every day with a reasonable speed.[adinserter block=”16″]

6. Consult your Doctor

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Everything may not fit in for everyone. Walking may help you lose weight in a rapid manner. However, because it is believed to do this does not mean that walking is good for your health. Check with your Doctor if your physical condition is supportive for you to walk and start walking only after he gives a clean chit

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