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They were the rarest triplets in the world… but what they look like now brought tears to my eyes

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#1 Triplet Magic

To have triplets is pretty exciting experience in ones life, but the story of Mackenzie, Macy, and Madeline Garrison is even more amazing.

#2 Rare Case

There is only one other case like it in the world where triplets are born. Two of them come out as conjoined twins. Mackenzie and Macy amazingly made it through those first few dangerous days of life.
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#3 New Parents

Since the biological mother of the triplets could not take care of them, they were adopted by the Garrison family. Jeff and Darla Garrison already had three sons and were overjoyed to welcome a bigger family.

#4 Separate

The decision was made to separate the twins to give them the best chance at independent lives. In an effort to make the surgery easier, they had to stretch the skin with skin expanders. After a 24 hour procedure, Mackenzie and Macy were successfully separated. Each child was left with one leg but received custom-made prosthetics. Physiotherapy will help the girls get around with less assistance an experienced physiotherapist says.
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#5 Two Years Later

After a long and emotional 2 years, Darla and Jeff were able to adopt all three girls, expanding their wonderful family.

#6 Happy And Healthy

Now the girls have a nice home on a farm in Iowa, where they have their own horse. The girls are happy and healthy, and are getting around better and better every day. Their story is a heartwarming one that luckily had a happy ending.


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