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What To Do When You Drop Your Phone In Water?

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The mobile phone is perhaps the most valuable asset for many people out there. Some people love their beautiful sleek mobile phones too much and are often inseparable from their mobiles. A mobile in today’s world is actually a man’s best partner and most of us are addicted to it. Now, if anything happens to the beloved phone, you get really upset. By mistake if the phone falls from our hands into the water then it is really a serious issue to be worried about. But wait, we have a simple way that will help a lot to revive your beloved phone from the wet state. For that you need to have a quick glance below.

1. Grab the phone and take it out of water as early as you can

At first switch off your phone just immediately after you take it out because leaving it on can cause high risks of cause short circuit.
phone dropped in water what to do

2. Take some tissue papers or you can even use a towel and then soak your phone. Never forget to remove the battery of the phone at first.

Also do not forget to take out the sim card from your phone. This will, of course, save your valuable contacts.
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3. Also take out the sim card from the phone. This can save your valuable contacts.


phone dropped in water camera not working

4. Make sure to unplug any type of external devices.

The next thing you must do is to remove all the plugs and all other peripheral devices that include earphones, protective covers, memory card, as well as the screen guard so that they are allowed to dry fast.
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5. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, then suck the liquid out of your phone with the help of it

This is perhaps the fastest method you can apply and it will completely dry out your phone in merely thirty to thirty five minutes. However, do not keep the vacuum extremely close to your phone as it can create some static electricity that is also bad for your phone.
 phone dropped in water rice trick

6. Always remember not to use a hair dryer in order to dry your phone.

You may feel that it is contrary to the most common advice that we often get when the phone gets wet at any instant. However, by using a hair dryer it could push all the moisture inside towards the crevices of the device and this will ultimately let it reach to the electrical components that are present deep inside the phone.
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7. Try to place the phone in a bag that is full of uncooked rice or any other type of desiccants.

It is always advisable to use good desiccants because they can absorb the moisture a lot better than only rice.
phone dropped in water screen not working

8. Take an absorbent towel and then on it, let your phone rest in the sun. You can even use a tissue or also a napkin.

Now you need to remove your phone from desiccants. If you still find that there is some moisture in your phone then repeat the vacuuming and also desiccant step.
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9. Fingers crossed and now do check whether your phone is working properly or not.

Do not forget to check whether every part of your phone is perfectly clean and dry. Now you can insert the battery into the phone and finally switch it on.
phone dropped in water wont charge

10. Well, if you see that your phone is working properly, then you are indeed a lucky person. However, if it doesn’t happen, take the phone to a service center.

Hope they will surely help you out of this issue.
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