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7 Qualities That Made These The Best Girlfriends Ever

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Several people nowadays think that due to the modern day hook-up culture, true love has almost disappeared from this world. We can only hear about them from our grandparents. The main problem is that guys are afraid to commit, while girls think guys are only with them for sex and nothing else.

However, that isn’t what a real relationship should be. Emotional connection is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and it is crucial to a relation’s success.

Is it true that nowadays people are less willing to commit or are we just trying to find the perfect partner, but we are failing at that task again and again?

My opinion is that the latter is true. Everyone is perfect in his or her way, and compatibility is important for a perfect relation. I believe that true love isn’t dead, the hatred we express towards our partners sometimes results from the fact that the two aren’t compatible with one another.

Now comes the central question – how can you identify that perfect person? How will you know you have found the perfect girl and when should you settle down?

As a male myself, this article is mainly for straight men looking for the perfect women in their lives.           So read on to know about the top 7 things to note in your girlfriend to understand if she is the perfect person for you. If you find that she has any one of these traits, never let her go

2. Don’t let her go if she has the same sense of humor as you do

Every girl is different, and you will find that your girl will react to your jokes in a different way than some other person. If you find that your girl can’t even understand a simple joke you made or maybe she even gets mad about that, it’s time to leave that relationship.

Compatibility is an important factor in relationships. If you find that your girlfriend has the same sense of humor as you do? Moreover, maybe she even adds an extra twist to your jokes? In that case, you need to keep her by your side at all times.

People sometimes spend an eternity trying to find a partner who has the same traits as them. Hence you should consider yourself lucky to have such a partner.
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3. Don’t let her go if she calms you when you are mad

Everyone has off days sometimes, during which they lose their temper. Some people are more short-tempered compared to others.

In these situations, most people will try to avoid you, get pissed at you or maybe won’t talk with you unless you calm down. However, if you find that your girlfriend tries her best to calm you down to the equilibrium state, then consider yourself lucky to have her by your side.

4. Don’t let her go if she shares the same taste in music, movies, and TV

“Netflix and chill” is a popular term we often use to denote a sexual relationship with someone late at night while watching movies. But to be honest, if you think about it, you spend a lot of time watching films and chilling.

So if you two share the same taste, then it’s excellent news for remembering you two will be watching movies or listening to music together many times, and when your tastes are poles apart, some barrier will crop up eventually. As an example, note that if you want to watch “House Of Cards” while she wants to watch “The Bachelor,” your relationship will eventually fail.
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5. Don’t let her go if she respects your time with friends and family

Never stay in relations where you feel bored or cannot spend time with your friends and relatives. I am sure that you have been in or at least seen some relationships where one of the partners is just prohibited from spending any time with the family and friends.

So in case, your girlfriend doesn’t mind you spending time with others, then you should never let that girl get away because this proves that she cares about you too.

6. Don’t let her go if she points out your fallacies

Some people hate it when others point out their mistakes. However, when their girlfriend points that out, they might show on the outside that they hate that, but they know very well that she is doing the right thing.

If your girlfriend points out your fallacies, that means that she is comfortable speaking up and sharing her feelings. She you to improve in every aspect of life, and that is the reason why she is always honest with you.

Also, sometimes relationships can get monotonous and boring, but if you have such a girlfriend, then your relationship will never get boring because she will try to push you to new heights all the time.
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7. Don’t let her go if she has complete trust in you

Trust is considered one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship. And if that trust is breached, most relationships are bound to fail.

Nowadays, personal information can be availed very easily, especially if someone is close to you. You often leave your phone unlocked on the bed, leave your diary on the bed open while you go to work or go outside. Anyone can learn a lot about you if he or she wants to.

Trust is often comparable to reputation; once someone has broken your trust, it’s very hard to regain it. And having a person put her complete trust to you is in itself a beautiful thing, and you should cherish every aspect of it.

Remember, trust is one of the core foundations of true love.
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