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Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

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1. Chaos Happens When You Open The Door

You open the door and find that your dog wanted to make some changes to your room, and in the process causes chaos.

2. Thunder

This might sound strange cause people think that dogs are very brave, but some dogs are really terrified of lightning.

3. Not Interested

You give them a full plate and they won’t eat, but have a tiny piece of food at your finger tip, and the two dogs will be competing for that.

4. Art

Nose prints are all over your room, especially on your windows.

5. Cutie!

And that is absolutely correct! They are adorable.

6. Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed

Don’t do this, trust me – the end result will be disappointing.

7. Crazy

They want you to play with them, and throw it, but try to take it from them, and they will fight with their utmost strength.

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