1. Only regret

Seems like many people will have this regret in life.
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2. Grandma plays a prank

And that too on her own grandkid!
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3. Granny gives the right advice.

Granny is 90 years, but has immense knowledge on this topic!
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4. Grandma knows what’s best

Your grandmother knows you really well, and you are guaranteed to receive the best gifts from her!

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5. Drink You P*ssy

When you are depressed, even vodka tastes like normal water.

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6. Grandma knows everything

Grandma always knows everything, even the fact that his grandson is gay. This is the universal truth.

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7. No need to be concerned.

Your granny’s age is insignificant; as long as she’s young at heart, she isn’t going to die anytime soon. Don’t worry.

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