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Because we are family: Siblings show their love with matching tattoos

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1. How big and out of this world the Universe is.

Many people in this world are chosen to share a special bond with a sibling that they call their sister. A special bond that may contain sharing clothes, a room and maybe even some secrets, but it does also contain a lot of fighting as we grow. This ink shows how big a sister bond can actually be.

2. Always there for you

No matter how far away you are, you can always call your sister! This ink depicts the old school tin phoning system, and the line is connected to your sister, that is some cute stuff!!

3. Heart in the right place

Here are three sisters that wanted to show the strength of bond in threes with a little heart. They share the same heart tattoo that they can carry with them wherever they go. This kind if ink on the wrist is definitely a great reminder of someone special, this is what love is.

4. Love with hugs and kisses

Many people express love through hugging and kissing, even sisters such as these two. Inking an “X” and an “O” is more meaningful the more you think about it, a simple bit of ink to share a bond with your one and only sister!

5. The best sandwich ever

What better way to show love for your sister than tattooing one slice of bread to your ankle, one being peanut butter and the other one being jam – which makes the best combination for a sandwich we all love as kids – Peanut butter and jelly!

6. Sisters on the swing together

Being little girls, swings were a source of freedom, with the wind in your hair and your sister right there with you, it can create a strong bond with your sibling, which makes this tattoo pull at your heart strings.

7. The unbreakable promise

Nothing says love like this tattoo, of the ‘Pinky Promise” to symbolize a bond built on complete trust.

8. Ying and yang

Being so close to your sibling will bring a lot of fighting and frustrating. With sisters, a bond is based on complete opposite personality types. And the strongest bonds are the ying to your yang…

9. Keeping calm and keeping on

Sayings can mean a lot to people, so having a shared and meaningful one with your sister, so getting it tattooed with your sister can be a constant reminder that you can keep calm and get through anything life throws at you.

10. Flowers with power

Sisters as we already know, share a strong and special bond, sharing interests and even ideas, this power flower tattoo is quite a show of love. And we admire it.

11. Feathers

Birds of a feather flock together, and these sisters blossomed and grew up together so what finer way to express it with a shared tattoo. It is a simple idea with a heart-warming memory, especially since all the arms need to be brought together to complete the image.

12. Sisterhood with Pizza

It’s a good guess if you think these sisters share their love for pizza, packed with memories. It is a very out there idea for sisters, but that only makes it so much more meaningful between this pair to get a tattoo like this.

13. Armed and flower ready

All sisters know the love they have for each other, whether they admit it or not. But those that know like these, get tattoos to express their love and reliance on each other. And meaningful flower to share is quite something.

14. The wisest of siblings

This tattoo has a lot of meaning. It’s cute, colourful and the symbol for owls is wisdom. With clever sisters sharing a tattoo like this, their bond is something of love and compassion.

15. Love and Pride

Siblings always have a role, but nothing quite like a big sister and a little sister. The age gap tends to be the reason for disagreements, but sisters like these have overcome all that, and gt some ink to prove it.

16. The keys to sisterhood

These sisters got one of the sweetest tattoos of all. A key, which is quite meaningful when it comes to love. Keeping all your secrets and shenanigans as memories and treasures, a strong bond indeed.

17. Birds flock together

Growing up with multiple sisters can be difficult, but through any difficult phase of life, once you get through it, you will become stronger and wiser. And with a tattoo of a flock of birds, this signifies the strength these sisters have together, the experiences and troubles; no matter what, they have each other to rely on.

18. The heart beats always

Not one of the pictures in this gallery compare to the love and cuteness shown with this tattoo of sisters has a heartbeat tattoo, a picture like this with style and creativity really warms the heart.

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