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Woman Arrested For Trying On Tampons In Walmart

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Julisa Sanchez, a resident of Marietta, Georgia was arrested from Walmart after an incredible event. According to several eye witnesses, she visited the store on Thursday, and asked the customer service section for returns of tampons. Her claim was they didn’t fit her, and those TampaxLites were still causing her to leak, so she wanted a different product in exchange.
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Natalie Nunez, an employee at Walmart said, “I was adding the deodorants, which was near the section where hygiene products for females are stored. I walked near that section, and what I saw was incredible. A lady has already tried five tampons which were all soaked in blood and were lying on the floor. I even saw that she was attempting to stick a new one in her underwear. I immediately called security.”
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After being confronted by the security, Sanchez tried to flee from the scene. The head security officer William Hankerson said that Sanchez turned around to escape as soon as they caught her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her but since the tampons were lying on the floor soaked in blood, they both slipped and fell on the ground. He added that he has never felt this disgusted ever in his entire life.
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It didn’t take long for the police to arrive at the scene. The immediately took Sanchez to custody,whereSanchez said that since the products didn’t work for her, she wouldn’t spend any money on it. She thought that every shop should allow women to try out tampons similarly like clothes to make sure that they fit.
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A statement was released by Walmart where they said that the policy doesn’t allow customers to try on tampons without buying them anywhere, even not in the bathroom. If anyone is found attempting to do the same, she will be arrested and prohibited from entering the store again in the future. Sanchez is now held on a $500 bound, after being arrested on charges of of shoplifting, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest.

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