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Her Parents Dug Up Her Grave Just 3 Days After Her Honeymoon, They Were Then Forced To Keep It A 30 Year Secret

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1. A tragedy took place almost 35 years back in Russia.

It claimed a number of lives. But the bitter part is that all the relatives had to remain silent about the matter. But none was aware of the fact that there was still a survivor.

2. One eyewitness has the guts to say it all

In the year 1981, the newly wedded couple Vladimir and Larisa Savitskaya was on their way back home from their honeymoon. Everything just appeared just wonderful back then.
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3. On the 24th of August the newly married couple boarded flight 811 at the Komsomolskok-Ol-Amur Airport

As the flight took off, they had hardly thought what fate had for them in the next few hours. They were unaware that they were leaving behind all hopes and dreams.

4.Tu-16 military jet crashed with this plane in mid air killing all except one

When at mid air the Tu-16 military jet crashed and it had no time to recover from the impact. The two planes crashed into each other mid-air. The impact killed all passengers on board except Larisa.
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5. Almost all passengers died on the spot during the impact

Larisa recalls that just at the time of the impact the plane lost the roof and the walls and all were screaming and dying in front of her eyes. Her husband was lying dead by her side.

6. She recalled the scene of a movie of plane crash

She could recall from a movie that a girl was clutching on the seat as the plane crashed. And so she decided to sit back and wait for her death as the plane crashed. All on a sudden, she could feel the trees around her and then she went unconscious.
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7. Larisa found herself in the Siberian forest and she tried hard to find help

Larisa found herself in the Siberian forest and the next thing she saw was her husband lying dead beside her, and it seemed as if he wanted to see something at last. She tried hard for help and on the third day she was found by a fisherman. Later she came to know that a tomb had been built in her memory by her relatives and family and the officials had made the list of the dead people on board.

8. Nothing was mentioned in the Soviet newspaper about the tragedy

The horrifying fact of the two planes crashing into one another was recorded by the secret police but the newspaper did not reveal the same. Everyone was put under pressure to remain silent. Even none was allowed to visit Larisa. Until the 2000s, it remained unknown to all. But then Larisa succeeded in telling the tale of her tragedy to all.
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9. None can believe that this beautiful lady had to endure so much

Larisa is the sole survivor of the horrifying tragedy that took place so many years back. She had a hard time struggling with her injuries and the mark left by the tragedy on her mind. But later she had to move on and also had a son.

10. Every year on 24th August she celebrates her second birthday

Larissa was paid 75 Russian Rubles by the Aeroflot. But mere monetary repayment cannot bring back her husband nor can it erase such horrifying moments from her mind. She can never ever forget such a mishap that claimed the life of her husband. She feels that it was that day that she almost returned from her death.
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