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North Korea Is Telling Its Starving Citizens To Eat Dog Meat After Beating The Dog To Death

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North Korea is no stranger to starvation; in the 90s, over 3 million died in famine.


North Korean citizens has experienced starvation in the past and they are still a victim now; you probably know that around 3 million citizens died in the 90s due to famine.


However, the country is asking its citizens to consume dog meat not to solve the problem of starvation, but to promote good health. They are claiming that dog meat contains much more vitamins than beef, pork, chicken and duck. This was announced by the nation’s official YouTube official DPRK Today, and they even stated that dog meat is beneficial for the stomach and intestines.


Their preparation methods are quite strict as well – they will first beat the dog to death. After killing it, his fur is removed. This shows why the nation’s firmly state controlled media often promotes about the supposed “health benefits” of having dog meat. The Korean Central Television (KCTV)wrote how one reopened restaurant has been successful in making dog meat tastier. Tongil Voice, a radio station in North Korea, said that dog stew is considered to be one of the best medicines.

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