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She Sees Soldier Sitting On Rural Road, Stunned By What He’s Doing

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A woman was driving on a Friday afternoon in Kansas and stopped at a stoplight when she saw a soldier sitting on a bench nearby. Since there weren’t too many drivers at that point of time, she decided to park her vehicle nearby to find out what the soldier was actually doing, and she was completely stunned after discovering the truth.


Tammra Bose saw the soldier when she was driving through Topeka. He probably wouldn’t even have noticed him if the stoplight didn’t prompt her to stop her car.
She saw that the soldier pulled his car over on the ramp and got out rather suddenly. She wasn’t sure why he did so, hence she kept an eye on him to find out where he was going. She found that the soldier went to a bench which was surrounded with one man’s possessions. The soldier sat on the bench, and a homeless man was sitting nearby on an upside down bucket.
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Bose was completely stunned and decided to see what the soldier did next. The soldier began conversing with the homeless man, almost as if he was his friend, which was definitely compassionate considering countless people probably pass by him without even noticing him sitting there.
Bose took a picture of that scene since she thought sharing this was important so that others could realise that our soldiers not only fight for the country but they were also kind at heart and will do anything to help the fellow citizens of this country.
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Bose said, “I want the entire world to view this picture since it’s so heart-warming, and shows how king the soldier was to get out of his car to talk with the homeless man.”
The soldier’s actions prove that no matter how busy you are, you can always keep aside a few minutes of your life to cater to the needs of those you care about. Just imagine how happy the homeless man probably was to find out that at least there was someone in this world who still cared about him and had no problem in spending a few minutes of his life conversing with him.
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