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This Is How The Definition Of ‘Beautiful’ And ‘Sexy’ Varies Around The World

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Whether a person is beautiful or sexy depends on a variety of factors. Here we will see how beauty or being sexy is defined in a number of countries all over the globe.

1. Crooked and bent teeth- Japan- Yaeba:

To say in a nutshell, Yaeba is the way of giving you a crooked looking tooth that seems to be the measure of beauty in Japan.

2. Ear Stretching- South Africa:

In South Africa, ear stretching is said to be significant as it helps to understand for how long someone stays in the tribe. The ear lobes are gradually stretched out by using heavy jewellery.

3. V line jaw-Korea:

V line jaw is said to be the most beautiful in Korea due to which many surgeries are even performed and cosmetics are also sold so as to trim down the jaw line effectively.

4. Plates in lips- Africa:

In Africa this is actually taken as a measure of beauty in Africa. When the girls reach puberty the lower two teeth are taken out and a plate inserted. When they grow old the plates in the lips is then replaced by a larger one.

5. Big ass- North America:

In North America, if women have big booties then it is termed as a sign of beauty.

6. Bound Feet- China:

In China, the system of foot binding was needed for women to get married. As a matter of fact it was actually considered to be a sign that the women are dependent on men.

7. Gyaru-Japan:

Gyaru actually meant the look of Brigitte Bardot with a typical tanned skin and blonde hair. This particular look consists of fake eyelashes, colored hairdos, dark eyeliner and even dramatic makeup. A large number of stores in Japan also sell tools that are used to transform into a Gyaru look.

8. Au Natural-France:

Well, as the name suggests perfectly this actually means laying great stress on the natural beauty of women. It meant using no perfume and maintaining the hairs of armpits too.

9. Eyes- Countries of the Middle East:

The eyes actually reflect the soul. This is especially followed ion South Africa. Here, the eyes are a sign of beauty. The eyes as a way act as the window to the inner beauty of the women.

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