Sunday, June 16, 2024

He was Molested as a Child and Now He Beats up Pedophiles

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1. The Avenger Angel

Let us have a look at the avenging angel, who is better known as Jason Christian Vukovich. This 41 year old man could be put behind bars for one thing that he things is a very noble deed indeed.
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2. Molested and tormented a s child

This man was molested in his childhood. Now he has taken it too seriously and punishes the sex offenders by taking their names from the registering diary. One man was beaten with a hammer in such a way that he had a fractured skull.
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3. Goal of life

He says that his own life was wasted and spoilt. His life has no meaning at all now and he has resorted to several lies and unfair means but now he wants to secure the life of every child and protect them, from molesters and sex offenders at all costs.
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4. 35 years sentence

Taking into account all his crimes against sex offenders he has been sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment and his bail amount is $ 10000. This is what happened to him at last for taking the law into his own hands.
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