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16 Photos That Look Fake, But They’re Totally Real

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Technology has developed to unbelievable heights that if people who had lived a couple OF decades back got back life, they would die again of shock. Particularly photography is a field that has seen tremendous improvements in terms of the hardware used as well as software that supports the hardware. Right from 1717 when sun prints were made using stencils to the Digital cameras of current date, the field of photography has come a long way. While many of us use cameras and the art of photography to capture the best moments of our life to stay with us till we die and even after that, there are photographs that either shows the fake as real or the real as fake. We present here some photos that are actually original but will make you believe they are unreal.

1. Kangaroo Dogs

Science it still struggling to understand many things like the role of genes, the concept of cloning and the creation of cross breed animals. With all the developments in the field of science and the art of photography, we still are unable to believe that these Kangaroo Dogs are genetically born like this or it is a camera trick. These may be fun to look at particularly when they hop like Kangaroos but the reality is still something else. As Darwin’s theroy emphacises probably these Dogs are new spieces and may be more such Dogs will be evolving in the future to come. Probably our next generation will find Dogs with four legs and Dogs that are Bipedal roaming aound them in all the streets.

2. Who is this guy with differing arm sizes?

This photo with the guy names Matthias Schlitte in it is neither a Photoshop gimmick nor a person expressing his aggressiveness. He was born with a rarest of rare medical condition which made his right hand 30% bigger in size than his left hand. Not getting bogged down by the same, he opted to become a wrestler and took advantage of his medical condition to win many titles in wrestling rather than locking himself inside a room in shame. Appearances are really deceptive.

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3. What’s cooking?

No doubt the picture you are seeing is creepy and strange. There are only two explanations to the photograph. The first one is a dwarf girl has been captivated by aborginistic beings in a remote corner of Mother Earth. The little is trying to escape and probably has fallen into the hands of the cannibals by the time we are looking at the photo. The second explanation is that the photograph is Photoshopped by an expert to create a thundering impact on the onlookers. Both explanations are wrong. This is an original photo and the giant size pan really exists in this world as a part of giant art fixtures. Artists are amazing. Aren’t they?

4. A Ship on the land?

For those of you who feel that the yacht is falling from a small peak having entered through the other side of the peak, we would say that is not the truth. Others who are wondering how a 500 feet long Yacht can go 50 Meters above the sea level, let us tell you it is actually not a yacht. It is a hotel built at that height in the design of a cruise ship depicting the sovereign class of The Royal Caribbean International. Still can’t believe what you see. Visit this Hotel in Jeongdongjin on the shores of Japan Sea

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5. Walking on the water

With all the technological advancement we experience in life, we still believe in miracles. On looking at this photo if you tend to think this is one such miracle, please be aware, this is an original photo which has been clicked on perfect timing. The click has captured the guy just before he has entered the water. What a mind-boggling timing hats off to technology.

6. Is the gymnast beheaded?

Strange things do happen in life and so does strange people. We may have come across people without limbs or eyes, but certainly not without head. Particularly a gymnast without head while performing gymnastics is not at all acceptable. So how is this photo possible? With her legs above 180 degrees, and head totally behind to project a perfect contour of the body, this is an ultimate photo of a Gymnast captured in photo at the peak of her performance.

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7. The worst possible nightmare

We are sure most of you looking at this photo will be severely taken aback right at the first sight of it. This is not any plastic animal stuck to dustbin or camera trick that shows a small crab as a huge one. This is a real photo. The arthropod that is trying to open the dustbin is coconut crab. Doctor accepts the fact that coconut crabs can grow large to weigh up to 4 Kgs. and 1 meter length. What more. Be at a safe distance when you come across something of this sort in your life rather than meddling with it. Though they are harmless, maintaining a distance from them is safe for them.

8. Want to land on the shore?

This is not a Hollywood movie set or any sort of photo gimmicks but a real plane landing in the Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean Sea. The flight landing and takeoff in this region is so much near the busy tourist destination due to space constraints. Hats off to the pilots who specialize in such low altitude flying with the precision of an Eagles eye. Tell us if you want to be inside the aircraft or underneath the same in the tourist spot

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9. Barbie doll or a real Girl?

Childhood for a boy means playing with super hero toys and racing cars while for a girl it means playing with a Barbie doll. Barbie dolls are so close to girl children that not a single moment in a day passes without them. Barbie Dolls are not only good physical companions but emotional companions too for a typical girl child. One such child who grew with a Barbie doll as her companion is a Ukrainian girl named Valeria Lukyanova. The doll in this photo is not her Barbie but this girl herself. With a waistline of 18 inches she weighs just 42 Kgs. looking like the Barbie goddess that has descended from heaven directly.

10. Art or illusion

Artists are really amazing. A genuine dedicated artist can make a photo look fake and this photo is the proof for this statement. This cartoon napkin on the hillock is an original piece and the photo is not a fake one. The artist seems to have spent such high quality time and efforts that he has made even the shadow of the napkin behind. This sculpture called ‘The Horizon’ is at Gibbs Farm in the Kaipara Harbour. Located at 47 Kms. to the north of Auckland it can be visited in the open air sculpture park amidst the many others.

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11. Cycling in water

The Sea of Galilee saw Jesus walking over it and our friend in this photo is seen cycling in the waters. Appears bicycling in water is not as hard as we think or is this called capturing the perfect moment in an apt manner.
Probably the photo is shot just when the guy was jumping in the water with his bicycle for fun. What an amazing genuine photographs this is.

12. Noah Pool

When you see this photo first, we are sure you wondered why such a clean beautiful swimming pool is built amidst a vast land of sand. Let us remind you of the significant reference from Bible which says “an epic flood covered with muddy water except for that pool”. Now take a look at the photo with this reference in mind. Is it just amazing to see that the photo is not a fake but a genuine one capturing a clean in the midst of muddy flood water? This is probably an amazing top angle photo taken by one of the rescue team members.

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13. Cloud Tsunami

Looking at the photo, we won’t be surprised if you said it was a huge ocean wave approaching fast to engulf a modern city. Or probably you thought it was a shot in a Hollywood movie. When we saw this photo for the first time, we thought the same way. This is a real photo which has captured a queer cloud formation in the Sidney skies sometime back. The cloud formation looks so unnatural and eerie that it makes us take a look at the photo multiple times.

14. Cthulhu approaching

Are these sea monsters that are referred to as Cthulhu by the great fantasy writer Lovecraft? Lovecraft explained these creatures as a combination of Octopus, man and dragon. The surfers who see these do not seem to hurry back to the shore. So is this photo a real one and Photoshopped one? This is no doubt a real photo and those are not any kind of monsters created by author belonging to olden ages. These are just normal sea weeds that have over grown in size due to abnormal increase in temperature. A photo that is unbelievably terrifying.

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15. Walking in the skies

For those of you who think that you are watching a typical Hollywood movie in which two people who have died are traveling to heaven, let us say this is a true photo. It is not a photoshop trick that has mirrored the sky. The two people seen in the photo are still alive. This place is located at a height of 3656 meters above the sea level in Bolivia. The beauty of the place however is terrifying when we think of walking on the cloud like surface all alone to get some peace. We may get lost forever made to enjoy the loneliness perpetually.
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